The Brother from Another Planet

The Brother from Another Planet(1984)

1984-09-07(美国)| 喜剧 科幻| 美国
上映时间:1984-09-07(美国) 类型: 喜剧 科幻
获奖信息:圣丹斯国际电影节(1985年) 获奖:1
评分: 力荐

The Brother is an alien who has crash-landed on Earth, in New York City. While mute, strongly empathic, and able to fix things, he resembles...更多>



Fly: (about Harlem) I'd rather be a cockroach on a baseboard up here than the Emperor of Mississippi. Card Trickster: I have another magic trick for you. Wanna see me make all the white people disappear? Subway Public Address Announcer: 59th Street Columbus Circle, 125th Street next This a Uptown A Express going to 207. (all the white people begin exiting the car) Change for the double A Local across the platform. The D. Or the upper level change for the number 1 Broadway trains. Card Trickster: See what I tell you? Subway Public Address Announcer: Uptown A, 125th street next. Man In Black: [sitting at the bar] Beer. Odell: What kind? Man In Black: Draft. Man In Black: On the rocks. Sam: [talking about The Brother] What am I supposed to do? Fly: You the city, Sam. Figure out where to put him. Sam: Men's shelter. Smokey: Too Smelly. Sam: Ok. The Hilton. You got the tab? Smokey: What they pay you for? Sam: I just make phone calls. You want him out, you could call the cops. Fly: Cops? Oh, man. Smokey: He knew the death seat when he sat down on it. Sam: It's not like I got to drum up more business for the city, you know? Man In Black: [putting money on the bar after the Men in Black drink their two beers] Keep the change, sport. Odell: [crossing arms, looking exasperated] That's $2, man. Man In Black: [putting more money on the bar] We'll be back.


The Brother from Another Planet

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