The Night They Saved Christmas

The Night They Saved Christmas(1984)

1984-12-13(美国)| 美国
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An oil company is exploring two Arctic sites for oil. The needed blasting at the first site rocks Santa Claus' North Pole village. He realiz...更多>



Claudia: If this is a practical joke, we're in big trouble. David: I know mom, I know. C.B.: Wow this is really great! Marianne: [terrified] Mom, I'm scared! Marianne: [to Michael and Claudia] C.B.'s done it again he gave Kurt Larson the biggest black eye you ever saw. C.B.: He started it, he called me a liar! David: [about going to meet Santa Claus] We'll all meet a big white rabbit and go to the mad hatter tea party. C.B.: You just ruined everything! I hate you mom I wish you were dead! Michael: Don't you dare talk to your mother that way! Now, go to your room! C.B.: That's all you ever say to me "go to your room!" I hate you too dad! I really hate you! David: Stop being indulgent, ride with dad. C.B.: Would you please talk English? Santa Claus: [to the elves] I'm going to tell you one more time. Sing anything you want. White Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. But no more Jingle Bells! C.B.: Dad please listen to me! I promise to never to ask you for anything ever again! I promise, I promise! Please listen to me! Michael: I guess I haven't listened to much, haven't I? C.B.: No dad! Michael: Alright, I'm listening. C.B.: If you would believe in Santa Claus, you'd be right too. In rescuing Mom, David, and Marianne. What if there in North Pole city when you dynamite Site B? Michael: O.K. I'll cancel the dynamite until we take another look up there. Ed: They're dynamiting again! They're dynamiting again! C.B.: [about Michael] You're going to ruin Christmas forever.


The Night They Saved Christmas

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