"Miami Vice" Brother's Keeper

"Miami Vice" Brother's Keepe...

1984-09-16(美国)| 动作 犯罪 惊悚| 美国
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Miami Vice cop Sonny Crockett is working undercover to get a Columbian drug lord. When he tries to bust a man who is apparently in business ...更多>



Sonny Crockett: ...then Mr. GQ here makes a special guest appearance from New York! Sonny Crockett: You ever consider a career in southern law enforcement? Ricardo Tubbs: Maybe I have... Ricardo Tubbs: [meets Elvis the alligator] Hey get him away from me man! I don't even like alligator shoes! Sonny Crockett: Awww, you'll hurt his feelings...! Sonny Crockett: [after discussing Sonny's college football successes, Tubbs asked why wasn't he in the pros] Some Southeast Asian conference. Ricardo Tubbs: Vietnam? Sonny Crockett: [sarcasm] No, Coney Island...!


"Miami Vice" Brother's Keeper

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