Hong men jue e zhe

Hong men jue e zhe (1984) 5.1

1985-10-31(西德)| 动作| 中国台湾
上映时间:1985-10-31(西德) 类型: 动作
评分: 力荐

Sewage workers Jack and Charlie get involved in an international Asian gang war when Jack helps the boss of a Shanghai gang against one of h...更多>



Jack Doe: My friend, what are you doing? Charlie Woo: Ya wanna know? I'm gonna kill ya, bastard! Mr. Jones: You want me to leave, but why do you stay here? The Japanese: I stay here, because I am a ninja warrior. The Ninja Kung-Fu... is the best! [Mimo throws his hat after Jack Doe] Mimo: *That* was a hat. *This* is a knife! [pulls out a knife] [Jack Doe finds all his friends dead] Jack Doe: [screaming] REVEEEEEENGE! Charlie Woo: I warn you: You can insult me, but you can't insult my country! Jack Doe: There is a saying: A trouble shared, is a trouble halved. Jack Doe: Don't talk so much... Let's just fight! The Japanese: So you've come at last... Jack Doe: I've come to avenge my master. You know, I'm gonna kill you. The Japanese: Right... Jack Doe: Hold it! Mimo: Why? Jack Doe: I still have one card... Mimo: [laughs] It's joking! I got a ten and a jack. It's really difficult to get a full house. Jack Doe: [Jack Doe throws the card into the playing table] Mimo: You! Jack Doe: [laughs] I won... Mimo: You son of a bitch! Jack Doe: Listen... That's not all. You still have to pay the fifty grand you owe me. Mimo: Okay... Who do you want killed? Jack Doe: Tomorrow morning a Japanese man will be exercising in the park. [clicks his tongue] Jack Doe: Your debt will be paid then. Mimo: I'll do it. Mimo: It's strange. Since we started playing, you have won all the time. Ten grand... [tosses money into the playing table] Jack Doe: You're still playing for high stakes, after losing so much. [shows money] Jack Doe: Ten grand... and I will be raising thirty grand. Mimo: [Pulls knives and puts them as his bet] See you... Jack Doe: [laughs] Are those knives really worth thirty thousand dollars? Mimo: Oh no... they are worth... fifty thousand! Jack Doe: Is that true? Mimo: True! [tosses playing card, then throws knives which fly after the card driving themselves and the card into the playing table] Mimo: Believe me... Jack Doe: I'll accept them. See you... Charlie Woo: I don't get it. These people know they are hurting others, and yet, they still do it... Jack Doe: For them, only their pride is important. Let's go...


Hong men jue e zhe

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