A young black man and his family move into a home in rural Ohio, and discover that during the Civil War it was used by a Dutch immigrant to ...更多>



Thomas Small: Did you know about these caverns, too? Pluto: No. Not until about a week ago... when my father decided he was mortal like the rest of us... and thought it time to tell me. Mayhew Skinner: Dies Drear's been dead a hundred years. He had no family. You had one. And you threw it away while you crawled around here all those days and nights. Pluto: Mayhew, can't you see, son? This is our legacy, our heritage. Mayhew Skinner: This isn't our heritage, it's the ART COLLECTION of a rich 19th-century ECCENTRIC! THE ONLY THING THAT'S UNDER HERE THAT'S REALLY OUR HERITAGE ARE THOSE SLAVE REGISTERS! The rest is just earthly goods... and you traded it all for Mother and me.


House of Dies Drear

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