Scum (1980) 7.6

1979-09-12(加拿大)| 犯罪| 英国
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This is the hard and shocking story of life in a British Borstal for young offenders. Luckily the regime has changed since this film was mad...更多>



Carlin: Vegetarians? I've shit 'em... Mr Sands: Carlin! Carlin! [Carlin stands to his ground] Carlin: Sir? Mr Sands: Ok, Carlin. You're really for it this time. Banks and Richards have both named you. You get 3 years for this, scum. Carlin: I don't know what you're talking about, sir. Mr Sands: You fuckin' well know, toe-rag. I run this wing. I'm not letting it disrupted by a back-street villain like you. You'll sign a statement downstairs. Carlin: I've got nothin' to say. I'd like to see the House Master. Mr Sands: You will, Carlin. You will. Carlin: And the governor, sir. I've got a witness. Mr Sands: Shit witness. I'm having you lad. You banged that officer at Roly. You must have thought you walked quietly away from that one. But he's here. He's me. He's every fucking screw in this borstal. Every one of us. Come on! [prods Carlin] Mr Sands: Fancy taking a poke at me? Come on, big man. Carlin: I've banged no screw, I retaliated. There was two of 'em, kicking the shit out of me. [Mr Sands slaps Carlin] Mr Sands: Well, retaliate here. Come on! [Mr Sands slap Carlin again] Mr Sands: I'll have you. [Prods Carlin] Mr Sands: [grabs Richards] Who was it, Richards? Who was it? Carlin? The coon? Richards: I slipped, sir. Mr Sands: I'll give you fucking slipped. [throws Richards to the ground] Mr Sands: [to everyone] Right, on your feet! Who did this? [everyone mumbles, "Don't know, sir."] Mr Sands: Come on! Who did it? [everyone mumbles, "No-one, sir."] Mr Sands: Where's Banks? [everyone mumbles, "Don't know."] [Mr Sands finds Banks on the floor] Mr Sands: [grabs Banks and slams him against a wall] Dozy bastard, Banks! You let him do you over, you twat! Banks: I slipped, sir. [Mr Sands slaps him] Mr Sands: Don't come at me! Who d'yer think yer talking to? Carlin! I want you to name Carlin! Banks: I slipped, sir. [Mr Sands slaps him again] Davis: I feel lonely, sir... I feel depressed, even. Carlin: [noticing Archer's bare feet] You don't do yourself no favours, mate. Governor: There is NO violence here! Carlin:


Right Banks, you bastard! I'm the daddy now, next time, I'll fucking kill ya!


[Angel, Davis and Carlin are all lined up against a wall] Mr Sands: Right. I'm Mr. Sands, this is Mr Greaves. I'm the senior officer and I run A wing. I run it. Right, Carlin? Carlin: Yes, Sir! Mr Sands: I come down very heavy on anyone who doesn't grasp that fact. Right? Right? Carlin: Yes, Sir! [Mr Sands walks up to Angel] Mr Sands: Angel, you're in a single room. Some of the lads are what you might call..."prejudiced". You're well advised to keep yourself to yourself. It's your first borstal, innit lad? Angel: Yes, sir, apart from the Scrubs... Mr Sands: [interrupts Angel] Forget the Scrubs! The holiday's over. Mr. Greaves: Move! [Angel moves] Mr Sands: Davis, you were foolish enough to run away from an open borstal and you'll soon be wishing you were back there. You're in a single room. Now move! [Davis moves] Mr. Greaves: [at Davis] Move it! Mr Sands: [at Carlin] Carlin, you're in a dormitory. Now, move! [Carlin moves] Mr Sands: That's it! In there, on the left. [Carlin goes to the dormitory on the left and stops. Mr Sands walks in] Mr Sands: [points at an empty bed] That's yours, Carlin. [Carlin moves to the empty bed] Mr Sands: You know the ropes and you know why you're here. I'll jump on you from a great height if you so much as breathe. Got that? Carlin: Yes, sir! Mr Sands: There's a lad, a big lad called Pongo in that bed. He heard you were coming. Now, grab that broom and get to work on that floor. I wanna shave in it! [Carlin grabs the broom and scrubs the floor. As he scrubs the floor, Mr Sands deliberately drops Carlin's gear] Mr Sands: Carlin? [Carlin stops momentarily] Mr Sands: We don't leave our bed space in that condition in here. Make up your bed and your gear away. On the double! [Carlin puts the broom away and unpacks his gear] Mr Sands: Next time, you're on report. Meakin: Up your fucking borstal! Escort: Name and number. Archer: 4721, Archer, sir. Governor: Ahh, Archer. Insolence, graffiti. Guilty? Archer: Misplaced trust, sir. Richards: I never have been short of birds, plenty of crumpet after me. Jackson: Listen to Burt Reynolds. Richards: Watch you mouth, Jackson. Jackson: The only crumpet you've had is with your fist. [Eckersley, Richards and Banks approach Davis]






导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震


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