French Postcards

French Postcards (1979) 5.7

1979-10-19(美国)| 喜剧| 法国 西德
上映时间:1979-10-19(美国) 类型: 喜剧
国家/地区:法国 西德 美国 
评分: 力荐

An American group of exchange students come to Paris to study the language and culture for a year. The film depicts the various interactions...更多>



Monsieur Tessier: Are you freaking-out? Last year we had a student freak-out on us. Monsieur Tessier: You are freaking-out now, aren't you? Joel: No.


Monsieur Tessier


: We had a student freak-out three years ago. Monsieur Tessier: Now I know that in some of your universities the students say, oh no - we don't want literature, not philosophy for us this year. This year we think we will study... mushrooms. Mushrooms? I have news for you. This year, at my school, you will not study mushrooms! Toni: You know, I don't understand anything you are saying. Joel: Don't you speak French? Toni: Not your French. Madame Catherine Tessier: Speak English, Albert. You need the practice. Monsieur Tessier: Oh certainly my dear. [mockingly] Monsieur Tessier: Yeah, right on, groovy, far out, I go with the flow. Madame Catherine Tessier: Do you like the house? We decorated these rooms in what we call the Eisenhower 50's style. It's very hard to find good American furniture from that period in Paris. Joel: You know, you could have told me you'd been here before. Toni: I didn't even think about Stephen until they mentioned it. Joel: Mentioned it. They had a goddamn billboard with your picture on it. Laura: Maybe I should drive. Sayyid: In my country, women do not drive. Laura: Figures. Sayyid: In my country, in fact, the women run behind the cars. Alex: [recalling his trip] I spent a week in Grenada mostly watching the famous rain in Spain. All in all the trip was incredibly - it was - lonely. But don't tell Joel that, ok. I just told him the trip was great. Laura: Yeah, I was going to say that about my trip. But it's hard when they bring you back in an ambulance. Joel: Come back with me to the States. Your English is good. You're studying to be a teacher. I've taught you all the best dirty words. You can tutor French and live with me. Alex: I've had enough experience - plenty. Right now I'm just going to travel a little this summer and then I'm going back to Ohio. It's quiet there. I can recuperate from all my experience. Toni: Joel, are you doing a chicken-out on me?


French Postcards

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