"Prisoner" (1979) 7.9

1979-02-27(澳大利亚)| 犯罪| 澳大利亚
上映时间:1979-02-27(澳大利亚) 类型: 犯罪
评分: 力荐



advertisement Lizzie Birdsworth: Don't you call me names, ya smart alecky trollop! Frances Harvey: You'll get yours, ya fat dyke bitch! Bea Smith: I'm going Freak-hunting. Rita Connors: [about The Freak] She's not a bloody army; she's just one woman. Bea Smith: Is this a private party or can anyone join in? Paddy Lawson: Back off or I'll clobber you Bea Smith: Debbie and Paddy, they're both waiting... both waiting... for you. [first lines] Franky Doyle: She bumped into me. Rita Connors: She won't spoil the wedding but straight after there's going to be a funeral - it's gonna be quite a party. Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: Where's Bea Smith? Doreen Anderson-Burns: Oh, she went to see the Governor. Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: I hear that she is Top Dog amongst you prisoners, how'd she get that privilege? Doreen Anderson-Burns: Oh, I don't know. Joan "The Freak" Ferguson: Funny, seems like everyone knows about the famous Bea Smith, except the ones that work with her... Bea Smith: Why don't you ask me? I know *all* about her. Lou Kelly: [to Frank] You think sex appeal's a button-day for prostitutes. Frank Burke: Desmond, I wouldn't touch you with somebody else's. Myra Desmond: Well, you lay a hand on Pixie, and you'll have to use somebody else's! Lou Kelly: [about Len Murphy] Oh, come on, have you seen him? I wouldn't let him touch me with Robert Redford's! Marlene Warren: [about Kerryn Davies] She's so up and down we should call her 'Dunny-seat Davies'!



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