"Lou Grant"

"Lou Grant" (1977) 7.2

1977-09-20(美国)| 美国
获奖信息:美国导演工会奖(1979年) 获奖:9  提名:15
评分: 力荐



advertisement Lou Grant: Well, I haven't gotten the memo yet, but any way that we can be protected from the nuts who call the city room would be great. Mrs. Pynchon: That's not what the memo says. I asked you to be courteous to the nuts who call the city room. Billie Newman: I hate it when people tell me to calm down! Donovan: I don't know Lou. I can't stay cheerful and smiling 24 hours a day. Lou Grant: What makes you think that's what your mother wants? She's seen you every way you can be and whatever it is you are, that's what she wants. Lou Grant: When I told you to pick a company to investigate sexual harassment, I didn't mean this one. Billie Newman: I chose the Trib because that way, I felt the story would have the most impact. Lou Grant: I have a feeling you're right. Lou Grant: Talk to Dr. Shephard at the Historical Society, find out what's in the time capsule. Give me a little 'Gee whiz, nothing ever stays the same' or 'Gee whiz, nothing ever changes.' Joseph 'Joe' Rossi: [a boy shows his injured foot] Last time I saw an ankle like that it was broken in three places and it was mine. Mrs. Pynchon: [to a man in a crowded elevator who is smoking a cigar] Would you please put that thing out? Man in elevator: Whaddya own the elevator or something? Mrs. Pynchon: [haughtily] The elevator, the building, the block! Man in elevator: Oh, well then you must own this, too. [hands her the burning cigar and steps off the elevator]


"Lou Grant"

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