Joe Don Baker is Mitchell- a hard-nosed, soft-bellied cop with an affinity for porn and Schlitz. His latest assignment has him engaging in n...更多>



Greta: He lays me then busts me. Mitchell: Well, she asked me to. Police Clerk:


What, lay her or bust her?


Mitchell: Both! Mitchell: She'll lie in my bed for nothin'. Walter Deaney: C'mon, let's go get some juice. Mitchell: Piss off, kid! James Arthur Cummings: The coffee is cold and you are a lousy butler. Butler: I am not a lousy butler. James Arthur Cummings: You are a lousy butler. Butler: I am not. James Arthur Cummings: I say you are a lousy butler, the coffee is cold. Mitchell: I've got beer and... vodka. James Arthur Cummings: What are you doing with those steaks? Growing them? Chief Pallin: People don't like you, Mitchell. I don't care for you much myself. Mitchell: Hey, did you ever do any of that, you know, obscene photographs and all that? Greta: Mmm hmm. When I needed the bread. Mitchell: Where can I buy some?



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