"The Rockford Files"

"The Rockford Files"(1974)

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advertisement Electric Larry: Harry, the soda machine at the bar is busted again. Harry Smick: It was fixed last week. Electric Larry: Tell that to the customer drinking scotch and air. Jim Rockford: A senator and a bus driver? What's the connection? Lance White: This is just a hunch but I'd say the bus driver had something on the senator. Like maybe the senator was having an affair with the bus driver's wife. Jim Rockford: Lance, where did that come from? Lance White: It didn't come from anywhere Jim it's just a hunch. I get a hunch, it turns out to be right and the case is solved. I don't know how you make a living as a private eye Jim. You don't seem to know any of this stuff. Beth Davenport: And Jim, try to be nice. Jim Rockford: Are you kidding? You don't mouth off to anything that big. He looks like 190 pounds of gristle. Dennis Becker: Step back Jim. This is information is for police department personnel only. Jim Rockford: Boy, mention the Nazis around you and it rubs off. Jim Rockford: Why didn't you get me 'Little Eddie' or 'The Greek?' Angel Martin: They said they wouldn't do it. They said the last time they were in a con with you, it blew sky high. What does he mean by calling me a halibut? Jim Rockford: It's a fish that swims at the bottom. Angel Martin: I don't like him. Jim Rockford: But I will need a diversion so I can get back to Bloomberg's room and try to talk to him. Angel Martin: Ohh. Now we're getting to the nitty-gritty. Now it's beginning to make sense. 'Come on over to Rocky's, Angel.' Serve my favorite food. First time I been invited over here for so much as a glass of water. Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford: I could use a little help in the kitchen with the coffee and dessert. Angel Martin: Forget about the dessert, you don't buy Angel Martin with a couple of drumsticks and some redeye gravy. Karen Hall: You met up with the Surete; they actually followed me. That's why I had that horrible feeling I was being watched. And they're the ones who ransacked my room. Jim Rockford: Oh no, not nearly so simple. Your room was ransacked by an Olympic wrestling champion and a German ex-neurosurgeon. Karen Hall: What? Who are they? Jim Rockford: That's multiple choice. They're were either two former members of Wermacht Intelligence, two old friends of your father's or two cops from East Berlin. Security Guard: Can I see your security passes? Richie Brockelman: Sure! Jim Rockford: No! [punches security guard] Lance White: I hate it when anybody dies. Even someone like Blackwood. I'm sure he wasn't a bad guy at heart probably. Jim Rockford: Oh yeah, you throw out the cocaine busts and what, a little pushing around the high schools and what have you got left? Just a sweet guy with a problem. Armand Teasdale: I am a good judge of people, and that is a fine young man, with a remarkable character. Jim Rockford: No doubt about it, Lance is perfect. It's his only flaw. Jim Rockford: Hey, I'm sorry Dad, you just caught me at a bad time. Reading that detective fiction doesn't help. I mean things aren't like that you know? They're not black and white. They're aren't any heroes left, they die young. (pointing to a book cover) His gun is deadly? Mine's in a cookie jar. Jim Rockford: Yeah, well, we got snarled up in a case in August. I ended up doing 90 days on a county honor farm. Lance White: Well, I'm sorry about that, Jim, but I had my client's interests to protect and you did break into that hotel room. Jim Rockford: What client? Who where you working for? Nobody seemed to know. Lance White: Well, that was kind of a strange one, those 3 little boys hired me. Jim Rockford: The triplets? They were only 8 years old. Lance White: Yeah well when their folks were killed by the mob, I kind of took 'em in. Finally, I made arrangements for them to live on a friend's farm in Vermont. Jim Rockford: Isn't that nice? A happy ending. We all got to go to a farm. Marcus Hayes: You have a hair-trigger, Mr.Finch. Gandolph Finch: That's right, mouth... and you're sitting on the edge of a big disaster. Marcus Hayes: I like him Jimmy. He's got pluck. Jim Rockford: [to hood who has just kidnapped him] Does your mother know what you do for a living? Jim Rockford: What's wrong? Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford: I am THROUGH talking to you! Look at you, an inch or two to the right and you'd be missing that eye! Jim Rockford: Yeah, but look at it this way, an inch or two to the left and he'd have missed me completely. [Rockford knocks out a thug with one punch] Jim Rockford: Ow! If I could do that without a roll of quarters in my hand, I'd be a terror. Jim Rockford: Freeze, turkey! Jim Rockford: [answering machine picks up] This is Jim Rockford. At the tone leave your name and message, I'll get back to you. Angel Martin: Jimmy, old buddy buddy! It's Angel! You know how they allow you one phone call? Well, this is it. Jim Rockford: [Grabbing Angel by the lapel and throat & walking him back against a fence] Angel, you are driving me crazy, you understand me, I'm going crazy, I can't take it anymore! Angel Martin: Jimmy! Jim Rockford: Years and years and years, I'm goin out of my mind, with your stupid and ridiculous lies and games, year after year! Angel Martin: You're jammin' my windpipe! Jim Rockford: [ripping his hands from Angel's neck, showing Angel his trembling hands] Look at me, look at me, look at me! Angel Martin: Jimmy? Jim Rockford: Just don't say anything, just don't - say - anything! Angel Martin: Jimmy? Jim Rockford: [exasperated] What? Angel Martin: I'm sorry. A stick of fruit gum? [Angel pulls up a stick from a pack which Jim begrudgingly snaps out of the pack]


"The Rockford Files"

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