Columbo: Dead Weight

Columbo: Dead Weight (1971) 6.6

1971-10-27(美国)| 犯罪 灾难| 美国
上映时间:1971-10-27(美国) 类型: 犯罪 灾难
评分: 力荐

While on a sailing-boat Helen Stewart witnesses far-away, inside a room, a man with a gun killing another. She notifies the fact to the Poli...更多>




TV Newsman: In the Korean War, commanding a regiment of armored cavalry, General Hollister captured the imagination of the American people. Mrs. Walters: Your pot's overcooking. Helen Stewart: That is not a pot! That's a crock! Maj. Gen. Martin Hollister: You know, lieutenant, I don't see how a man with the name of Columbo... shouldn't he be more at home on a boat? Lt. Columbo: Must've been another branch of the family, General. How soon do we land? Helen Stewart: There are some men, Lieutenant, that do not want to look like an unmade bed! Harry Barnes: If you hand me your line, I'll secure your stern. Mrs. Walters: I beg your pardon? Harry Barnes: I'll tie up your boat. Mrs. Walters: I never thought we'd make it. Harry Barnes: Neither did I.


Columbo: Dead Weight

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