Prescription: Murder (1968)

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  • 犯罪  灾难
Prescription: Murder
  • 片       名Prescription: M...
  • 上映时间1968年02月20日(美国)
  • 导       演 Richard Ir...


  • Lt. Columbo: There's just one more thing, sir! Dr. Ray Flemming: Lieutenant, if there's any further way I can be of assistance to you... Lt. Columbo: Oh, no, no, no, you just make out that list, that'll be fine, Doc. Dr. Ray Flemming: Thank you. Lt. Columbo: Oh, oh, one more thing, before I forget... Lt. Columbo: Lieutenant Columbo. Burt Gordon: My name's Gordon. I'm with the District Attorney's Office. Lt. Columbo: Yes sir, I know. Burt Gordon: I appreciate it. Anything you can do for Dr. Flemming, he's a good friend of mine. Lt. Columbo: I'll try. Burt Gordon: Any, uh, any progress so far? Lt. Columbo: Well, it's, uh, still a little early, but, uh, you know, sooner or later, something usually breaks. Burt Gordon: Mmm-hmm. Well, let's make that "sooner," right, Lieutenant? Lt. Columbo: Try my best. Burt Gordon: Yeah, I'm sure you will. Burt Gordon: I don't think I have to remind you that this could be... quite the little feather in your cap. Wrap it up and everybody's happy. Lieutenant? Lt. Columbo: Um, yeah, I'm sorry. I was, uh, I was just thinking about something. Burt Gordon: What was that? Lt. Columbo: No, it's nothing important. It's, uh, Dr. Flemming, he didn't call to his wife when he came back to his apartment. Burt Gordon: I don't follow you. Lt. Columbo: Oh, well, I was in the bedroom. I was checking some things, and I heard him open the front door, and he didn't say anything, and... gee, it's funny how people are different, isn't it? Now you take myself, when I come home from a trip, uh, the first thing I do is I say, "Honey, you here?" Burt Gordon: Exactly what is your point, Lieutenant? Lt. Columbo: Point? Oh, I wasn't making a point. Burt Gordon: It sounded to me as if you were. You heard the man admit that he had an argument with his wife. He probably still had a chip on his shoulder this morning. Lt. Columbo: I was only tryin' to... Burt Gordon: Lieutenant, I have already told you that Dr. Flemming is a close, personal friend of mine. Now I hope he's not going to be annoyed by a lot of tactless remarks, especially at a time like this. Lt. Columbo: Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Gordon. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it. Burt Gordon: I think a toast is in order. To our host and hostess on the tenth anniversary of their horrible mistake. [Carol Flemming makes a sound of protest] Dr. Ray Flemming: You'd better rephrase that, counselor. Burt Gordon: 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • Pleasure, Your Honor. To the two finest people I ever knew. Here's to ten more years of happiness! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • Joan Hudson: I had to see you. When I'm alone, I don't know, I... I get confused. Dr. Ray Flemming: Second thoughts? Joan Hudson: A few. Dr. Ray Flemming: It's a natural reaction, under the circumstances. Joan Hudson: I keep wishin' there were some other way. Dr. Ray Flemming: There isn't. Joan Hudson: But, if you talked to her... if I talked to her... Dr. Ray Flemming: Joan, don't be naive. We have one alternative. We decided that a long time ago. Dr. Ray Flemming: I didn't think you'd be up. Carol Flemming: Don't bother to undress. You're sleeping in the guest room. I've turned down the bed. Dr. Ray Flemming: Carol... Carol Flemming: I think you should know I'm calling my lawyers in the morning. Dr. Ray Flemming: It's been a long day. Do we have to start on that again? Carol Flemming: You'll have to indulge me just this one last time, dearie. It's lucky for you I'm too well-bred to throw a tantrum. Dr. Ray Flemming: All right. Fire away. Carol Flemming: Six months ago, I gave you a choice. Between me and your... oh, how shall I put it? Extracurricular activity. Dr. Ray Flemming: I made that choice. Carol Flemming: I wanted a husband in fact, not just in appearance. If you refused I'd divorce you. Dr. Ray Flemming: There was a catch to that, as I recall. Carol Flemming: Well, naturally, you don't think I'm going to make it easy for you? I'd create as much scandal as I possibly could for you and ruin your practice entirely. Dr. Ray Flemming: Aside from taking every penny that I've got. Carol Flemming: Those were my terms! You accepted them... until tonight. Dr. Ray Flemming: Are you sure of everything? Shall I do it over again? Joan Hudson: No, I don't want to talk about it anymore! Dr. Ray Flemming: Ah, but it will be fine, I promise you. Just pretend you're working on a role, right down to the props. Carol Flemming: [talking about their friend Burt Gordon] I never saw anyone work as hard, including you. Dr. Ray Flemming: But I didn't have to. My wife had a rich father. Carol Flemming: [smiling] And you married me for my money. Dr. Ray Flemming: Not yours, darling. Your father's. Carol Flemming: [moments before she is strangled by her husband] Our second honeymoon may be better than our first. Lt. Columbo: [first words ever said by Columbo] Dr. Flemming? 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • : Who are you? Lt. Columbo: Lieutenant Columbo, police. Dr. Ray Flemming: Well, what is it? Tell me! Lt. Columbo: Well, um, somebody broke in here and tried to kill her. Dr. Ray Flemming: [Flemming feigns shock for a moment when the words register] "Tried" to kill her? Lt. Columbo: That's right, Doctor. She's lucky she's still alive. Dr. Ray Flemming: [feigning relief] She's still alive! Well, where is she now? Is she conscious? Has she been able to say anything? Lt. Columbo: Well, I'm afraid not. She's been in a coma. Dr. Ray Flemming: Well, what's her condition right now? Oh, come on, I must know the truth! Lt. Columbo: It's not very good, Doctor. We only hope she comes to long enough to be able to talk to us. Dr. Ray Flemming: [after trying to get through hospital regulations in order to see his wife in intensive care] Hospital red tape. Lt. Columbo: Yeah, I know what you mean, Doctor. Dr. Ray Flemming: Well, let's get on with it. Lt. Columbo: Get on with what? Dr. Ray Flemming: *Your* red tape. Lt. Columbo: [reaching in his pockets] Oh, uh, a few questions for my report, Doc. [searching other pockets] Lt. Columbo: Now, uh, you were in Mexico when this thing took place, and... uh... the dates there were... uh, gee, you don't have a pencil, do ya? [Flemming hands him his pen] Lt. Columbo: Thanks. You know, my wife, she gives me one every morning, but I just can't seem to hold onto it. Lt. Columbo: There must be something wrong with me. I seem to bother people, to make them nervous. Lt. Columbo: I think I'm too suspicious. I don't trust people, that's my trouble. Dr. Ray Flemming: You're an intelligent man, Columbo, but you hide it. Lt. Columbo: What'd you say, Doc? [pause] Dr. Ray Flemming: [laughs] You're a very funny man. Lt. Columbo: I wasn't trying to be funny. Dr. Ray Flemming: But you are, and more than you know. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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