Once, magnate Major Singleton ran the Royles out of the Kingsmont tobacco country for daring to make lowly cigarettes. Now in 1894, Brant Ro...更多>



Blacksmith: Say, don't I know you from some place? Brant Royle: I've never been there. Lawyer Calhoun: We all felt pretty bad about your...trouble. Brant Royle: Yeah, I'll bet you cried hour after hour. Major Singleton:


I'm afraid I don't believe in cigarettes, much less a machine for makin' them. It turns my stomach, sir, every time I have occasion to witness someone pokin' one of those vile concoctions into their face. I deal in cigars, sir. Nothing less.


John Barton: I've learned a great deal from you, Brant. If I weren't an honest man, I might be able to use it.


Bright Leaf

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