Holmes and Watson on a transatlantic ocean liner escorting Nikolas, heir to a foreign throne. Also on board are a number of assassins, plott...更多>



Agatha Dunham: Having a good time dear? Sheila Woodbury:


Oh yes isn't he wonderful?


Sheila Woodbury: You are a darling. [kisses Sherlock Holmes on the cheek and walks away] Dr. John H. Watson: Huh. Extraordinary sight. Sherlock Holmes: Elementary my dear Watson; and very pleasant. Dr. John H. Watson: Holmes? But your plane crashed! Sherlock Holmes: It was shot down, Watson. Sherlock Holmes: My dear Nikolas, perhaps you don't realize that it's tea that has made the British Empire and Dr. Watson what they are today. Dr. John H. Watson: I don't understand, Holmes! She seems such a nice girl! She sings charmingly! Sherlock Holmes: My dear fellow, musical talent is hardly evidence of innocence. Moriarity was a virtuoso on the bassoon. Sherlock Holmes: Poison is a woman's weapon. Sherlock Holmes: Well, if one isn't willing to pay the penalty, one shouldn't play the game. Sherlock Holmes: Brooklyn? Well, I knew a most charming man who lived there once. Uh he's now a resident in Sing Sing Prison.


Pursuit to Algiers

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