Sleepers West

Sleepers West (1941) 6.7

1941-03-14(美国)| 犯罪| 美国
上映时间:1941-03-14(美国) 类型: 犯罪
评分: 力荐



advertisement Michael Shayne: Madame, my card! Kay Bentley: [reading] Michael Shayne, Private Detective! Michael Shayne: Mmmm-hmmm! Kay Bentley: Sleeping on your own time now, huh? Michael Shayne: Yep! Oh, and meeting a much finer class of thugs! Michael Shayne: [after reading a newspaper article] Hey, get this! Here's a guy who's got 26 kids. Must be driven stork mad! Kay Bentley: My editor wants a feature story - the woman's angle! Michael Shayne: Oh, tear gas, huh? Kay Bentley: Mike, when I interview him, would it be all right if I mention your name? Michael Shayne: Yeah, sure, if you wanna hear some new words. Kay Bentley: She's an old schoolmate of mine from grammar school. Michael Shayne: I haven't seen any old girls. Kay Bentley: Oh, she's not old - about my age. Michael Shayne: And still goin' to grammar school? My, she's a little mentally round-shouldered! Leander: [after discovering a suitcase full of cash] Mmmm-mmmm! Boy, what a crap game I could have with this! Get me behind me, Satan and tie my hands! Lordy, Lordy! Why wasn't I born with a little larceny in my soul? Leander: When the suitcase busted open, it just splattered money! Must've been $20,000 or $25,000. Maybe $30,000! Porter: Mmmm-mmm! He must be one of those Wall Street typhoons! Leander: From the way that money flew, he's the whole hurricane! Tom Linscott: Smoke? Michael Shayne: No, thanks. Wrong vice! Kay Bentley: I think I'll have the #5: the double hamburger with the relish and the hot ketchup, the ground glass and the melted cheese with plenty of onions! Brakeman: [alarmed at the speed the train is traveling] If you keep this up, you'll be getting more than a watch! They'll be fittin' you for a wooden suit! Traindriver McGowan: And an extra pair of pants for you, squirt! Michael Shayne: [seeing the door of his train compartment open] Come in. Carl Izzard: Good evening, Mr. Shayne, my name is... Michael Shayne: Carl Izzard! Carl Izzard: How'd ya know? Michael Shayne: I don't know. You just look like a guy who'd have a name like Izzard! Michael Shayne: [seeing Kay's arm caught in the drop-down berth] Put a torch in your hand and you could pass for the Statue of Liberty. Michael Shayne: We can lose ourselves in the Frisco fog and just kick the town around generally. Kay Bentley: Oh, Mike, I'd love to, but I've gotta get back to Denver. Michael Shayne: Look, just give me two days, and then if I don't put a ring on your finger, I guarantee to put a couple under your eyes.


Sleepers West

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