Doubting Thomass是个12岁的小男孩,因喜欢说大话而远近闻名。他却无意中听到了一个绑架总统女儿的阴谋。可当他把事情告诉大家的时候,没有人相信他,他被迫独自拯救总统女儿了。



advertisement Mrs. Bleckner: You're a storyteller, Thomas. Do you know what storytellers do? Thomas Miller: They tell stories? Mrs. Bleckner: No. They tell厃es, they tell stories. Thomas Miller: And that, Mrs. Bleckner, is why I don't have the formula on your desk. So very, very sorry. Mrs. Bleckner: Let's try this one more time, shall we? Your math homework, Mr. Miller. And please refrain from patronizing me with "my dog ate it" or "my grandmother passed away". Thomas Miller: Actually, you see, it's sort of a combination thing. The truth is, my grandmother was helping me with my homework. Bless her soul. Then my dog pounced on the kitchen table and ate her. Yep! That's why I don't have my homework. My dog ate my grandmother. Thomas Miller: I'd like to say something in my defense. [turns to Jackie] Jackie Hoffman: Don't speak. Thomas Miller: But she... Jackie Hoffman: Shh! Thomas Miller: I need to explore all my options. Jackie Hoffman: I'm your only option. Thomas Miller: I need to explore all my options. Jackie Hoffman: I'm your only option. Look around. I don't see any lineup here. Thomas Miller: Madison Kramer. [camera cuts to Madison as they look over to where she is, and then back] Jackie Hoffman: [incredulously] Madison Kramer? Thomas Miller: It could happen. Jackie Hoffman: Hold on, my phone's ringing. [makes pretend phone with her hand] Jackie Hoffman: Hello? Yes, he's right here. [shows "phone" to Thomas] Jackie Hoffman: It's for you. It's Planet Earth. They'd like to know when you're coming back. Jackie Hoffman: Let me understand. I continue to be the only person who actually listens to your outrageous stories. Thomas Miller: Yo, dog. [dog turns to him] Thomas Miller: How do I look? Thomas Miller: [Thomas has just knocked Mr. Randall out of a helicopter] Oops, sorry. Mr. Randall: [groaning] "Oops, sorry"? Jackie Hoffman: [to Thomas] You're so disturbed. [smiles] Drake Chapman: What's going on Mildred? Thomas Miller: Hello Drake. So what's it going to be today? Stuff me in a locker? Shake me sown for loose change? Hey, you know what's always fun? Hanging me from the flagpole by my underwear? People laugh, they cry, they go home happy. Always a real crowd pleaser. Jackie Hoffman: Why are you giving him ideas? Thomas Miller: Because he is too dumb to come up with them on his own. Drake Chapman: Did you just call me dumb? Jackie Hoffman: [Thomas and Jackie make their way on hands and knees through the school ceilings. Jackie's tux is covered in dirt] Great. And I had to wear white. Thomas Miller: Since when do you care about that sort of thing? Jackie Hoffman: Hey, I'm still a girl. Thomas Miller: Chicks dig the tuba guy. Thomas Miller: [as Jackie is walking up with her white tux] Nice look, Hoffman. Jackie Hoffman: Really? Thomas Miller: Yeah. Jackie Hoffman: [smiles brightly] Thanks. Jackie Hoffman: So how does one go about saving one's life and no one really believes you? Thomas Miller: I have no idea. Jackie Hoffman: No weapons? Special gadgets? Secret powers? No ideas? This could be quite a challenge. Thomas Miller: I like challenges. Thomas Miller: [Jackie is sitting on a bench, Thomas comes up to her] Hey. Jackie Hoffman: Hey. [looks around] Jackie Hoffman: So where's Madison? Thomas Miller: I dropped her off at home. Jackie Hoffman: [without enthusiasm] Great. Thomas Miller: Anyway, she told me there's another dance tomorrow, and- Jackie Hoffman: You were going to tell me that you're taking her? Thomas Miller: No. Actually, if it's not too late, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come with me. Jackie Hoffman: [looks pleasantly surprised] I don't get it. What about "the girl"? Thomas Miller: [grinning] She's right here. Thomas Miller: [approaching Jackie] Hoffman! Jackie! Jackie Hoffman: [Jackie looks up then looks away] Thomas Miller: [sitting down with her] Listen. Someone's going to try to hurt the president's daughter. I think I know who it is. Randall, the new guy. You've gotta believe me! Jackie Hoffman: [turns toward him] Why should I? Thomas Miller: You're my best friend, Jackie. You always tell your best friend the truth. Jackie Hoffman: [after a pause] So why Madison Kramer? Huh, best friend? Why are you like obsessed with this random girl? Who you know nothing about? Thomas Miller: I kinda like the way she talks. Jackie Hoffman: [adopting a fake British accent] Is that it, Thomas? Do you like the way I speak? Thomas Miller: Jackie! Jackie Hoffman: Do you find me charming, Thomas? Do you? Thomas Miller: Jackie, stop it! Look, I have no idea why Madison Kramer. The only thing I can think of is maybe it is predetermined. Jackie Hoffman: [quietly in her normal voice] Yeah. Thomas Miller: And one more thing. I just wanted to say sorry for every time I've hurt you and I wanted to say sorry in advance for every time I might hurt you. Jackie Hoffman: You plan on hurting me again? Thomas Miller: I would never plan on it. Jackie Hoffman: [after another pause] So say this whole president's daughter thing is, like, true. What now? Thomas Miller: I go to the dance and I save a life. Jackie Hoffman: And what do you want from me? Thomas Miller: Jackie, you're the one person in the world who I know always has my back. Jackie Hoffman: The only person who knows if you're telling the truth. Thomas Miller: Pretty much, yeah.




导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾



导演: 周申

演员: 任素汐吴昱翰


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