机器鸡 (2005)

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  • father: [comes into room after gunshots are heard after an arguement with his wife] Hey, champ... pack your bags! We're going on a little trip! To DISNEYLAND! son: Is Mom coming? father: DISNEYLAND! Various: Look! It's Joel Schumacher, history's greatest monster! Britney Spears: [in a death-match against Joey Fatone] Wait a second! Meet my homegirls - Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Simpson's sister... Ashlee Simpson: I'm Ashlee! Britney Spears: [sighs in frustration] Sh! The big kids are talkin'! Announcer: The public would never know what mad experiments took place under the Matterhorn that day. Fidel Castro: Andale, andale! Arriba, arriba! Butthead: [about Starfire] That chick has orange boobs! M. Night Shyamalan: What a twist! Hello Kitty: There are 42 pressure points on the human body which result in death. I will teach you The 42nd I may one day have to use on you ! Leonardo: Tubular! Raphael: Radical! Donatello: Awesome! Michealangelo: Reaganomics! Bill Clinton: I'm Bill Clinton! I'm gonna push over this cow! Joey Fatone: Of course! Together, we're stronger than we ever were solo! Right, Justin? Justin Timberlake: Well... uh... heh... All right. Child: Is this gonna hurt? Doctor: Only if God hates you. pirate 1: [has a helm wheel on the front of his pants] pirate 2: Arr! What's that steering wheel be for? pirate 1: Arrr, it's driving me nuts! Ironhide: Wow, Prime sure has to urinate a lot. Prowl: Yea! He must be French, cuz he's-a-peein'! Ha ha ha! Ironhide: Uhh, I think that's "*You're* a-peein'" Prowl: He he he... but... I'm not. Ironhide: Ugh, such a Retardicon. Darth Vader: Luke... I am your father! Luke Skywalker: Noooo! That's impossible! Darth Vader: It's true! And Princess Leia is your sister! Luke Skywalker: That's... improbable. Darth Vader: And the Empire will be defeated by Ewoks! Luke Skywalker: That's... highly unlikely... Darth Vader: And as a kid, I built C-3PO! Luke Skywalker: ...wha? [time passes] < 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • b>Darth Vader: And you know that all-powerful Force? That's really just microscopic bacteria called Midichlorians! Luke Skywalker: [smoking a cigarette] Look, if you're not gonna take this seriously, I'm outta here! Human Torch: It, um... It burns when I pee. Optimus Prime: [entering] WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU? Human Torch: [sitting on desk in full flame on mode] Well, doc, it burns when I pee. Scarlett Johansson: [in limo] Can I just roll down the window and shake his hand? Queen Beryl: Soon I will have your life force, Sailor Moon, and my plan to rule the earth will come to fruition! [notices her erection] Queen Beryl: Oh! Anime sure is weird. The Notorious B.I.G.: [Tupac walks around heaven and bumps into The Notorious B.I.G] Pac? Tupac Shakur: Biggie? [Tupac and B.I.G. pull their guns and shoot each other dead] Disney's Head: I... *hunger*... Bodyguard: [to two other bodyguards off camera] Bring in the first Cuban child! [Cuban child is brought in by two other bodyguards, and is whimpering in fear] Bodyguard: Walt Disney... must *feed*! Velma: No! All my friends are dead and I'm still a virgin! Don Knotts: You think your life is bad? I just found out one of my tenants might be a flaming homosexual! And someone just killed me. Santa Claus: Bring out your dead! Asian Massuese: [shouts] Happy ending! Happy ending! Happy ending! Camel: [standing outside a strip bar] That looked like my toe! Daphne: [falls down a trapdoor and finds a mantle adorned by the head of Pamela Voorhees] Hey, that must be Jason's dead mother! This explains everything! Fred: [falls through the same trapdoor and lands on Daphne] Hey, that must be Jason's dead mother! This explains everything! Daphne: Fred, you're an asshole! And that ascot makes you look gay! Mad Scientist: [holding up a sign that reads] Why did the chicken cross the road? Robot Chicken: [holding up another sign that reads] Bawk? Mad Scientist: [holding up another sign that reads] To die in the name of science! [pulls out a butcher's knife and chases the chicken] George W. Bush: My name is George W. Bush, and I approve this message: Tacos rule. Catwoman: [walking in on The Hulk peeing on the dishes] My good plates! The Hulk: Dishes done! Japanese Gameshow Host: You want million dollar? You win crazy smile face million dollar! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • : Nice outfit. Isn't it gauche to wear brown after Labor Day? Count Chockula: I don't know, Ryan. Isn't it gauche be a total douche bag on national TV each week? Ryan Seacrest: [smiling] Not when you're paid like me. Pat Morita: You can't enter that tournament without the proper skills, Fat One. Joey Fatone: ...And will you train me, Mr. Miyagi? Pat Morita: First of all, I'm Pat-effin'-Morita, ya nutsack. Second of all, you're too old for the training. Daniel-san: [enters with a plunger] So was I... if you remember. Pat Morita: Daniel-san! I thought I smelled failure. That toilet's not going to uplug itself! [the Fat One's training is a parody of Mortal Kombat] Scorpion Wanna-Be: [throws a chain to pull the Fat One close] Come here, you! Joey Fatone: [Britney Spears joins with others into a giant monster] I'm finished! Justin Timberlake: Don't worry, Joey! J.C. Chasez: We'll help you! Lance Bass: All for one and one for all! Chris Kirkpatrick: Reaganomics! Freddy Krueger: If Ghostface got voted out, take it from Freddy, that would be a dream come true. Ha ha ha ha! You get it? Ha ha ha ha! A Dream! Ha ha ha ha! I kill people in their nightmares. That is what I do, that's my thing. Chinese Resturant Guy: ["You Can't Do That On Robot Chicken"] Hey! Breckin Meyer! Breckin Meyer: Yeah, Chinese Restaurant Guy? Chinese Resturant Guy: Hey! Ever hear of a cat gopher? Breckin Meyer: Cat gopher? What's a cat gopher? Chinese Resturant Guy: Cat go for $6 if I put MSG on it! [audience laughs as Chinese Restaurant Guy goes back in locker] Breckin Meyer: Seriously, is this the only part of the sketch I'm in? I spent an hour and fifteen minutes in traffic getting here. I mean, granted, I was in a Benz, but this is horse shit! Oh, fuck you! You know what? I'm going home! Yeah, you can kiss my ass! I was in "Garfield," motherfucker! [Corey Feldman is dying] Corey Feldman: Remember me... in "Stand By Me"... and "The Lost Boys"... the first half at least... oh... and..."Friday... the 13th... Part... [Corey Feldman dies] [the Fat One is trying to determine which Ninja Turtle is Corey Feldman] Raphael: Pizza is *radical*! Michealangelo: Master Splinter's *way cool*! Leonardo: Turtle power, dude! Donatello: Clean... Sober... Back on television! Things are lookin' up for the Feldmeister! Ivy from "The Village" (Bryce Howard): Is anyone there? I come from a village where we think it's I've broken our taboo about entering the forest to find medicine for my fiancee. Hello? [honking noise is heard. Ivy is run over by a bus, M. Night Shyamalan pulls up in a jeep] Ivy from "The Village" (Bryce Howard): 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • That... that was a really weak twist. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • M. Night Shyamalan: Yeah, sorry bout that folks! Random guy: [in a "Sleepway Camp" parody] Oh, my God! Somebody remembered this movie and wrote a comedy sketch about it! TiVo Addict: [sits at TV while watching TiVo] Wow! I can record my favorite shows and teach it to record other shows that I like! This is great! What did I do without this thing? [phone rings] TiVo Addict: Yello? Guy: Hey, buddy! We're heading down to the bar. You wanna come? TiVo Addict: Why don't you take your *bar* and shove it up your *ASS*! I'm watching TiVo! Janis: [Janis is appearing on the Howard Stern radio show] I just found out I have Hepatitis C. I only have five years left to live. Howard Stern: Wow, that sucks. So, are you going to show us your breasts? Janis: Fuck you, Howard! I'm dying! Keanu Reeves: Hi, I'm Keanu Reeves. I've beaten the world of acting, and now I'm beating the world of breakfast sausage. Ryan Seacrest: [closing on American Idol] Seacrest out! Umpire: [Few sketches later, at a baseball game, where Ryan Seacrest was batting but struck out] Seacrest out! Ryan Seacrest: [more sketches later, where Seacrest is in front of a mirror wearing a dress] Seacrest out! Coach: [the sporting balls are deflated] Oh, my balls! My balls! Who could've done this to my balls? Child 1: This show is so clever. Child 2: Totally! [Mario and Luigi are participants in a celebrity auto race] Luigi: Mario, we're-a losing! Mario: It's-a time to use-a the blue tortoise shell, no? Luigi: Do it, you magnificent stereotypical bastard. Draco Malfoy: Hey Potter, I taught the Sorting Hat a new trick! [he places it onto Harry Potter's head] The Sorting Hat: VIRGIN! [Cobra Commander, Skeletor, Mum-Ra and Lex Luthor are car pooling] Skeletor: Oh, that was a good one. Lex Luthor: What was a... OH, Dear Lord! Skeletor: Haha! Behold the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito! Emperor Palpatine: [On the phone with Darth Vader] Vader! How's my favourite Sith?... Whoa whoa whoa... whoa, whoa. Just - slow down. Huh? What do you mean they blew up the Death Star? F*beeep*! Oh, *beep*, *beep* *beeeeeeeep*!... Who's THEY?... What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon? [sighs] Emperor Palpatine: OK, OK, so who's left?... Are you s*beep*ing me?... Well, where are you?... Wait a sec, you've been flying around for two weeks trying to get a signal?... Oh, you must smell like... feet wrapped in leathery, burnt bacon... Oh, oh, oh! Oh, I'm sorry, I thought my Dark Lord of the Sith could protect a small thermal exhaust port that's only two meters wide! That thing wasn't even fully paid off yet!... Do you - do you have ANY idea what this is going to do to my credit? [phone beeps, he sighs] Emperor Palpatine: Hang on, I've got another call. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • Emperor Palpatine: WHAT? I'm very busy right now!... Oh! Oh, well - well, where are they going?... Oh, alright Uh. Um, get me a turkey club... Um, coleslaw I guess. I'm not even going to eat it... Well, what are you getting?... See, I always order the wrong thing. No, no, I'll just stick with that. OK, bye - What?... Oh, uh, cherry coke. Thanks. [switches line] Emperor Palpatine: Sorry about that. [sighs] Emperor Palpatine: What?... Oh, oh, JUST rebuild it?... Oh, real f*beep*ing original. And who's going to give me a loan, jackhole, you?... You got an ATM on that torso Light Brite? Now get your seven-foot-two asthmatic ass back here, or I'm going to tell everyone what a whiny bitch you were about Padama-may or Panda-Bear what whatever the hell her name is!... [covers receiver] Emperor Palpatine: Oh, Jeez, he's crying! [giggles, then into phone] Emperor Palpatine: Hey, hey, hey, hey. C'mon. C'mon, don't do that. Just - just. Look, you know, I'm just dealing with a lot of crap right now. Death Star blown up by a bunch of f*beep*ing teenagers, you know? I didn't mean to snap. [does jacking off motion to guys in room] Emperor Palpatine: Oh, uh, just get back here. OK. OK. Bye. I... um... I... [whispers into phone] Emperor Palpatine: I love you, too. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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