"Zoey 101"

"Zoey 101" (2005) 5.2

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Pacific Coast Academy, an all boys boarding school is accepting female students for the first time since the school was established. Zoey's ...更多>



Chase Matthews: [trying to convince Zoey she doesn't know everything about him] [Zoey walks away] Chase Matthews: [shouts] Did you know that, when I was little, I thought babies came from outer space? Boy: [walks up to Chase] They don't? Chase Matthews: [sighs] Run along... Dustin Brooks: I got the Gummy Worm Blues. I can't afford to buy shoes. Life can be so mean. I gotta get me some green. I'm feelin down on my luck, Could use a couple of bucks. I got the Gummy Gummy Gummy Worm Bluooues. [Dustin asking for money] Zoey Brooks: Sorry. I only get 15. And I gotta live. Dustin Brooks: What about you? Chase Matthews: Sorry, kid, if I had money I'd lend it to myself, which I don't... So I'm outta luck and so are you! Dustin Brooks: What did he say? Zoey Brooks: No! Michael Barret: Plus we heard you guys got pizza. Chase Matthews: And cake. Zoey Brooks: Oh, so you guys want pizza. Chase Matthews: And cake. Zoey Brooks: Dustin, your toes look like raisins. Dustin Brooks: You try being in the ocean for six hours. Dustin Brooks: Hey, Zoey Zoey Brooks: Hey, Kiddo Dustin Brooks: Is it true? Zoey Brooks: What? Dustin Brooks: That you're going to get Drake Bell to perform at Spring Fling? Dana Cruz: Sorry, but Drake's not coming. Dustin Brooks: How come? Nicole Bristow: His manager wants 5,000 bucks. Dustin Brooks: So, get it. [sarcastically] Dana Cruz: Sure, we can just get it from the 5,000 dollar store. Dustin Brooks: Psst, Zoey! Psst! Zoey Brooks: Dustin? Dustin Brooks: Yeah, I can't root for you. Zoey Brooks: Why not? Dustin Brooks: Because the guys said if I root for the girls, they'll shave my eyebrows off!


Zoey Brooks


: Don't let them scare you Dustin Brooks: Too late. I'm way past scared. Anyway, good luck! Zoey Brooks: Now, tell me how to calculate the area of a trapizoid. Dustin Brooks: Will you tell me where babies come from? Zoey Brooks: Absolutely not Zoey Brooks: [in response to Logan's come on] It's hard to make out with a guy while he's vomiting. Chase Matthews: It's true. [pause] Chase Matthews: That happened to me. Dana Cruz: [looking at Zoey's clothing designs] Cool, but how do we buy these clothes? Nicole Bristow: How do we buy these boobs? Zoey Brooks: [talking about Logan] Well, you should tell him that money doesn't give him a right to push people around. Chase Matthews: Oh, I did. Zoey Brooks: And? Chase Matthews: He gave me fifty bucks to shut up. [last lines] Logan Reese: [hollering over loud music] You think that's a little loud? Michael Barret: [hollering] No way! [to Chase] Michael Barret: Turn it up! [turns up music louder] Dustin Brooks: Level 99! Logan Reese: [to Chase, hollering] Can't you turn it down? Chase Matthews: No way, man! Michael Barret: Crank the bass! [turns up louder... power goes out] Chase Matthews: Good night, Michael. Chase Matthews: Good night Chase. Logan Reese: You guys are the worst! [Dustin whines "I was sooo close!] Logan Reese: Some guys are geniuses. Others are good-looking. I just happen to be both. Logan Reese: [in their dorm, logan asks chase and michael what they're doing for the time capsule. they rply 'writing song about our lives here at PCA'] Michael Barret: I'm doing the music. [twirls drum sticks] Chase Matthews: I'm writing the lyrics. Logan Reese: Oh, so, I guess it goes, "I love you Zoey from my head down to my toe-y"? Chase Matthews: [snickers] No. [Logan leaves, Chase grabs notebook and proceeds to write] Michael Barret: Don't write that down. [Chase sets aside the paper] Michael Barret: You were gonna write that down, weren't you? Chase Matthews: Maybe. END SCENE


Zoey Brooks: [talking to Nicole] Mark's last name is Del Figgalo? Quinn Pensky: [walks back in] It means "of the figs". Chase Matthews: [Looking at an old PCA yearbook] Mr. Bender, you used to be a cheerleader? Michael Barret: Hey, did you tell Rebecca about the... Chase Matthews: [to Rebecca] You think you can tell me who I can and can't talk to? Rebecca: You heard what I said! Michael Barret: Wow, look at that tree over there [walks away and looks at tree]


"Zoey 101"

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