Halloweentown High

Halloweentown High (2004) 5.6

2004-10-08(美国)| 家庭 喜剧 奇幻| 美国
上映时间:2004-10-08(美国) 类型: 家庭 喜剧 奇幻
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Marnie Piper: Cody, I'm a witch. Cody: [like he doesn't believe her] Marnie... [looks down, realizes they're flying] Cody:


AHHH! Ethan Dalloway: Chester's armadillo ate a hole in my sweater. Principal Phil Flanagan: For centuries, my family has been keeping a vigil, a vigil to ensure that our world remains pure of the magical. I'm the last remaining descendant of a noble order. Dalloway: Please. You wouldn't have even known that the Knights of the Iron Dagger exsisted if I hadn't found you and told you! Principal Phil Flanagan: But I'm still a knight, right? Dalloway: You didn't seem too worried about your friends when you stirred up that trouble at the mall or plunged the dagger into the pumpkin. You're just lucky that I was there to give you some cover. It's pathetic. How long...? But you are such a good boy. Did everything you were told. Dalloway: Ethan. Ethan Dalloway: No. I'm staying. Dalloway: A disappointment right to the very end. Aggie Cromwell: Boo? [looking over toward Marnie] Aggie Cromwell: How many ghosts do you know that say boo? Principal Phil Flanagan: Aggie! Marnie Piper: Well you're nothing but a little flirt. Aggie Cromwell: I know... Principal Phil Flanagan: [waves his hand] Aggie! Marnie Piper: Well you're nothing but a little flirt! Aggie Cromwell: [to Marnie] I know [Well, if Halloween is just about scaring people, why don't they make a mask out of your face?]


Halloweentown High

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