"Phil of the Future" (2004)

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"Phil of the Future"


  • Keely Teslow: She's in Indonesia. Phil Diffy: You have your latitude and longitude mixed up. She's next to Kid Rock and Ricki Lake. Keely Teslow: I know a shortcut through Tiger Woods. Phil Diffy: Frankie, does that girl over there strike you as young, Indonesian, and who can't read? Frankie: No, but I'll teach her how to read. You know what I'm sayin', Phil? Phil Diffy: No, I don't know what you're sayin'. Phil Diffy: Well, the Giggle is only designed for one. Keely Teslow: We can sit close. Phil Diffy: Okay. [Scoots over so Keely can sit beside him very close] Keely Teslow: [her cheek right next to his.] You okay? Phil Diffy: [smiles, happy at Keely's closeness.] Uh-uh. Phil Diffy: I don't wanna be your girlfriend. I wanna be your *boy*friend. [stops startled and off Keely's equally surprised look] Phil Diffy: I mean, your friend . . . who's a boy. A guy. A guy friend. Keely Teslow: Why didn't you tell me? Phil Diffy: I didn't know how. Keely Teslow: Phil, you can tell me anything. [takes him by his shoulders] Keely Teslow: I'm your girlfriend. I, I, I mean . . . your friend who's a girl. A gal. A gal friend. Bradley Benjamin Farmer: [to officer] She only had one name, Pim... tall, long blonde hair... yet strangely attractive. [realising the officer is still writing] Bradley Benjamin Farmer: Hey, don't write that! Keely Teslow: I can't stand her! I wish a building would fall on here! I wish she'd get stung by a fifty-pound bee! Keely Teslow: [switching to Phil's bedroom, Phil playing drums] I wish a dog would mistake her for a fire hydrant! I wish the US Women's Soccer team would use her as a football! Phil Diffy: Hey, how about being run over by a steam roller? Keely Teslow: [giving him a look] Phil, grow up! Keely Teslow: [to Phil] Um, too many people! Phil Diffy: Uh, Mom, Dad? Lloyd Diffy: But it's my house! Bradley Benjamin Farmer: I think that's more the woman's job. Surely you know how it is, Mr. Diffy? Lloyd Diffy: 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • And how! [seeing Barbara's face] Lloyd Diffy: H-How dare you say that, you insensitive clod! Uh, honey, give him the talk you always give me! Pim Diffy: [talking to Phil scratching Curtis' head] Now stop before he goes on the floor. Joel Messerschmidt: OK, people, we will be having a surprise test next week. Part of the surprise is that the test is tomorrow. Studying is recommended, though futile. Keely Teslow: [cheerfully] Hey! So I got your message. Where's your racket? Phil Diffy: My dad says our puddinator project will draw a lot of attention and that people will find out that we're from the future... My family has to move. Keely Teslow: This is crazy! We had all these plans! We were gonna go fishing this summer and I hate fishing. The only reason I was gonna go was because I thought it'd be fun with you! [pause] Keely Teslow: S-so when are you leaving? Phil Diffy: Tonight. Keely Teslow: T-tonight? This isn't fair! It just seems like kids should have a say in whether they move or not! Phil Diffy: [quietly] Tell me about it. Keely Teslow: So, you wanna play one last game of tennis? [throws the ball to Phil] Phil Diffy: Keely, you know I do. I can't. I have to help pack. [cuts to Keely, speechless] Phil Diffy: Bye, Keel. [hugs Keely, then starts walking away. Stops and throws the ball. Offscreen a cat screeches, ruining the sad Pheely moment] Phil Diffy: [shouts] Sorry! [pulls a face and walks out of the shot] Keely Teslow: [quietly] Bye, Phil. [Pim is foiled by static electricity and her hair is smoking in the hallway] Mr. Hackett: [cheerfully] No smoking! [she glares at him] Phil Diffy: [walks in and sees Sir Issac Newton and Albert Einstein at the table] Phil, I told you not to use holographic geniuses to help you with your homework. Phil Diffy: They're no help at all, and they're the biggest nerds of all times. Lloyd Diffy: [looking in the fridge] Hey, who drank all my juice boxes? [they hide the juice boxes under the table] Pim Diffy: [balloons are attracted to Curtis when he builds up static electricity] Amazing, how did you harness such power? Curtis: Balloons like Curtis... Curtis like balloons! Phil Diffy: We've got to stop her. That's what we've got to do. We need to think of a plan. Keely Teslow: Okay. [long pause] Keely Teslow: 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • Phil Diffy: Keely, Keely, Keely. Keely Teslow: [pushes Phil gently] Don't you triple Keely me! Barbara Diffy: That's perfect! I could be the hostess with the mostess! Pim Diffy: Mom, you can't even make toastess. Keely Teslow: In the future, will you wait for me? Phil Diffy: Really? 'Cause you'll be really really old. Phil Diffy: But that shouldn't matter. See you, pepper. Keely Teslow: See you, salt. Keely Teslow: In... in other news... Oh, whats the point, we all know nothing's going to top that! Pim Diffy: [fighting over carton of milk] You used up all the milk! Phil Diffy: That's because you used up all the ugly! Pim Diffy: You ate all the toast! Phil Diffy: I thought it was only fair, I ate all the cereal [smirks] Barbara Diffy: Calm down, you two. There's plenty more toast [puts some down on table] Phil Diffy: [sarcastic] Oh no, I upset shorty! Pim Diffy: That does it! Phil Diffy: You wanna say that standing up? Phil Diffy: [Has turned into a five-year-old because of an accident while babysitting] I'M PHIL OF THE FUTURE! Lloyd Diffy: Phil, are you, five? Phil Diffy: ...No. Lloyd Diffy: Really? Cause you look pretty five. [Phil shakes his head] Lloyd Diffy: Tell me if you think this is funny. Knock, knock. Phil Diffy: Who's there? Lloyd Diffy: Boo. Phil Diffy: Boo who? Lloyd Diffy: Stop cryin and I'll tell ya. [Phil finds it very amusing, covering his face with his hand] Lloyd Diffy: That's it, you ARE five! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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