"Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!"

"Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperfo...

2004-09-18(美国)| 动画 动作 冒险| 美国
上映时间:2004-09-18(美国) 类型: 动画 动作 冒险 喜剧 奇幻 科幻
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Chiro: Nice call Sprx! Sprx-77: Nice? Ha! I deserve a medal! Maybe something gold. You know with those little wings. Sprx-77: [inside Planetoid Q's mouth] I got one word: floss. Gibson: The accelerating body is far more difficult to stop than the inert one. Sprx-77: You know what else is difficult to stop? Gibson's mouth. Skeleton King: One day Chiro... one day! Nova: Foot-Crusher Cruiser 6 Go! Otto: Foot-Crusher Cruiser 5 Go! Gibson: Fist-Rocket 4 Go! Sprx-77: Fist Rocket 3 Go! Antauri: Brain Strapler Pilot 2 Go! Chiro: Troso Tank Driver 1 Go! Chiro: Super Sprx-77: Robot Antauri: Monkey Nova: Team Otto: Hyper Gibson: Force Nova, Otto, Gibson, Sprx-77, Antauri, Chiro: GO! Chiro: Hyperforce Go! Jinmay: I'm not ready to say goodbye. Chiro: Then don't. Jinmay: See ya, someday. Antauri: Mandarin let Chiro go! Your fight is with us. Mandarin: No. My fight with you is over! Otto: [the Monkey is on a planet with lots of metal looking for Sprx] Look at this place! Have you ever seen such paradise? Nova: Of rusty old junk? Huh, no. Skeleton King: Citizens neal down before me or send out your monkeys! [the monkey come out to fight] Skeleton King: Monkeys it is. Sprx-77: [about Scrapperton] He took my hands my beautiful hands he these man hands. I think they're his hands. Otto: Wow! Can you crack your knuckles? [Then Nova elbows Otto] Gibson: [Gibson shows off his latest battle move] I dub them Bio Static Energy Application Darts. Otto: Ooh, Ooh, I know! How about, the Spin Shocker! Gibson: Spin Shocker? Please it's not a dance move.


Aurora Six


: [Aurora Six is firing her gun at Nova when Sprx uses his magnets to get the gun] I thought you liked me. Sprx-77: I do, she doesn't [then Nova tackles her] Scrapperton: Now, what was it that the red monkey said? Oh, yes. Magno-Ball Blazer! Otto: If Sprx were here he would go rescue... himself. Chiro: If I am the chosen one, it's time to prove it! Gibson: [about Johnny Sunspot's blackhole energy power] Um. Blackhole energy is extremely unstable, bringing his gloves together like that could destroy the universe. Chiro: Ok Dr. Brainstrain! Chiro: [repeated line in the show intro] While exploring the outskirts of the city, I discovered an abandoned super robot. It was then my life was transformed by the mysterious Power Primate. The robot monkeys were awakened and I, Chiro, became their leader. Our quest: Save Shuggazoom City from the evils of the Skeleton King. Sprx-77: We have nothing to worry about. They're not real pilots, they only play them on TV. Nova: [the Super Robot unleashes a missile barrage] They're not playing now! Nova: [sees Sprx slacking off] Gee, don't wear yourself out, Sprx. You know, there is one rocket left. Sprx-77: Of course! How selfish of me! [gives Nova rocket] Sprx-77: Anything to help! [Nova knocks him off the Robot's foot] Otto: [Otto and Gibson are trying to load more missiles into the fist rockets] Move it more to the left! No, no, my other left! Gibson: I am perfectly aware which way left is. Chiro: We save Shuggazoom first. Then we find Skeleton King. Chiro: [in reference to Skeleton King] You're no king. You're a slave. Nova: We're gonna miss you, Antauri. Gibson: He always believed the end of life was but the beginning of a greater journey. Otto: But, he's all alone now. Sprx-77: No, no Monkey Team member is ever alone. Skeleton King: Surely as Shuggazoom will fall, the universe will follow... Chiro: Antauri, I failed you. Skeleton King: You failed your world.


"Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!"

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