Bad Eggs

Bad Eggs (2003) 6.0

2003-07-13(澳大利亚)| 喜剧 惊悚| 澳大利亚
上映时间:2003-07-13(澳大利亚) 类型: 喜剧 惊悚
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Ben Kinnear and Mike Paddock are detectives with the Melbourne Police force's elite Zero Tolerance Unit. When a freak accident involving a d...更多>



Ted Pratt: Yep... I smell fuckwits. Mike Paddock: You saved our arses back there Northey. Where'd you get the shooter?




: Oh, it's my father's. Mike Paddock: Aren't they illegal now? Northey: It's for sporting purposes. Mike Paddock: Right. And tell me again, which sport is it that uses a semi-automatic weapon? Northey: Golf. He's a very aggressive golfer. Ben Kinnear: Fuck me rigid... he's fair up the clack! Julie Bale: You here on your own? Ben Kinnear: Yeah, my girlfriend's... Julie Bale: Imaginary? Ben Kinnear: Photocopier's busted. Julie Bale: Still? Ben Kinnear: Yeah. I have to walk round the office describing my arse to everybody. Gavin Clack: Welcome back to The Million Dollar Question, the show where ordinary Australians can win up to twenty thousand dollars. Ben Kinnear: [after kneeing Wicks in the testicles] Anyone for Plum Jam? Pendlebury: You guys have made a fair bit of progress. I'll be quite happy to put this one to bed. Ben Kinnear: I'll bet you fuckin' will. Doug Gillespie: That's enough! He didn't burn down an entire house full of evidence. Ben Kinnear: He wouldn't know where to start. Ted Pratt: In hospital you get to catch up on your reading. [holds up newspapers] Mike Paddock: Those three disasters have been taken completely out of context! Mike Paddock: So why'd this bloke top himself? Ben Kinnear: They found some photos in the car. Let's just say the "respected magistrate" liked to... uh... Mike Paddock: What? Ben Kinnear: I'm trying to think of a legal term that has... you know, a sexual double-meaning? Mike Paddock: 'Perform acts with underage prostitutes'? Ben Kinnear: Is that a legal term? Mike Paddock: Dunno, but it's the exact phrase I put on my Psychological Test under 'ambitions'. [pause] Mike Paddock: There's someone behind me, isn't there? And it's the worst possible person it could be, isn't it? Wicks: Any last words? Julie Bale: Plum jam.


Bad Eggs

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