Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate (2003) 7.6

2003-02-26(美国)| 喜剧 经典 爱情| 美国 英国
上映时间:2003-02-26(美国) 类型: 喜剧 经典 爱情
国家/地区:美国 英国 
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Fred Graham 'Petruchio'


: The studio has fired you. You have the worst temper in show biz. You bit King Kong and gave him rabies! First Man: Miss Vanessi, you've been my ideal for years. I married my wife 'cause in a certain light, when it's kind of dark, she might pass for your sister. Harrison Howell: Graham, you're a man of the world. We both know that women need a firm hand from time to time. In fact, between you and me, they like it. Fred Graham 'Petruchio': 'Women should be struck regularly, like gongs'? Harrison Howell: Who said that? Fred Graham 'Petruchio': Noel Coward. Harrison Howell: Now there's a man I'd like to meet! A straight talker! Fred Graham 'Petruchio': Not exactly...! Harrison Howell: Thank you Graham. I think I can make this little woman happy.


Kiss Me Kate

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