Die, Mommie, Die! (2003)

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Die, Mommie, Die!
  • 片       名Die, Mommie, Di...
  • 上映时间2003年01月20日(美国)
  • 导       演 马克·拉克


  • Edith Sussman: I always knew Mother was nothing more than a cheap, hopped-up nymphomaniac. Tony Parker: Why do you hate your mother so? Edith Sussman: I hate her because she's a money-grubbing selfish bitch who ruined my father's life, and a promiscuous slut who spends all my father's hard-earned money on trash like you! Tony Parker: That's not good enough. Edith Sussman: What kind of a crazy world is this? My father's dead and my mother's gigolo shows up ready for some hot action! Angela Arden: Darling daughter, you sound like a square from Squaresville. Angela Arden: I'm in no mood for your patented brand of bitchery, missy. Lance Sussman: Buster, if you want any singin' outta me, you better haul out that bratwurst and spread some mustard on it. Angela Arden: I hate this house! I hate these walls... I hate that sofa! The only part of this dump that doesn't make me puke is that door - because that's the way I'm gettin' out! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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