Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales(2002)

2002-12-08(美国)| 动画 喜剧 家庭| 美国
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Linus Van Pelt: Dear, Santa Claus. How have you been? How is your wife? I am not sure what I want for Christmas this year. Sometimes it is very hard to decide. Perhaps you should send me your catalog. Sally Brown: This year I'm going to make all my Christmas presents. And guess what I'm getting everybody... paper airplanes!


Sally Brown


: I'm addressing Christmas cards. Aren't they cute? Each one has a little bunny on it dressed up like a shepherd. Don't say I'm not religious! Rerun Van Pelt: So, Mr. Fancy Claus, remember me? My name is Rerun. What happened to all the things you were going to bring me for Christmas last year? Kind of forgot, didn't you, huh? I don't suppose you'd care to explain, would you, huh? Lucy Van Pelt: You have to give me a Christmas present. It says so in the Bible. Linus Van Pelt: You're bluffing. The Bible says nothing about giving Christmas presents. Lucy Van Pelt: It doesn't? Linus Van Pelt: You can't bluff an old theologian. Jezebel: Today my name is Jezebel. Linus Van Pelt: Jezebel was the evil wife of king Ahab in the Old Testament. In II Kings, it says that her servants threw her out the window and she landed on her head. Jezebel: Today my name is Susan. Sally Brown: I'm going out to fall down a Christmas tree. Charlie Brown: You mean cut down. Sally Brown: I don't know how to cut down a Christmas tree. When I look at it, I hope that it just falls down. Sally Brown: What's going on? Is my sweet babboo helping my brother write a Christmas card? Linus Van Pelt: I'm not your sweet babboo! That is so stupid! That is so humongously stupid! Charlie Brown: There, how does it look? I drew a Christmas tree with little hearts on it. Linus Van Pelt: [Reads card] "Merry Christmas to my sweet babboo"? Charlie Brown: It's a family expression. Sally Brown: This Christmas I'm making everyone Christmas presents. You know what I'm giving everyone? Paper airplanes. [She throws a paper airplane; it lands on Charlie Brown's head] Sally Brown: You're lucky. You got yours early.


Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales

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