"Abenobashi mahô shôtengai" (2002)

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"Abenobashi mahô shôtengai"
  • 片       名"Abenobashi...
  • 导       演 Hiroyuki Y...
  • 又       名"Abenobashi mahô sh...


  • [Sasshi has been shot into space and is subsequently reincarnated, 2001-style] Sasshi: Wow! I just saw the beginning and the end of the universe! [repeated line] Arumi Asahina: Being human, having your health is what's most important. [last line of the series] Sasshi: Well, being human, having your health is what's most important. [pressed against Mune-mune's chest] Sasshi: I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or scared, I'm so confused! [repeated line] Arumi Asahina, Sasshi: All things extant in this world, Gods of Earth, Gods of Heaven, let them be as they should. Thus shall it be. Sasshi: Guess there's noting left to do but go home, eat yams and fart till I pass out. Satoshi Imamiya: Aw, yeah! There's just something so "sci-fi" about pissin' off into space! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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