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[Osaka waits at a crosswalk with other townsfolk] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: [voiceover] I am Ayumu Kasuga. I just transferred here from Osaka the other day. Tokyo folks do the right thing and stop when the light's red. Osaka folks keep crossin' no matter what, so it can get pretty ugly. [Time passes; the people move off as Osaka is thinking - she snaps back to reality] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Uh? [voiceover] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: I better cross too! [the walk signal turns to don't walk] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Shoot! The light changed. [Osaka is looking around the classroom, turning her head, eyes wandering in a crazy pattern, unfocused] Kaorin: Osaka? What are you doing? Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: [still moving her eyes and head about] You know those tiny bubbles inside your eyes you sometimes catch? Yeah, I'm trackin' 'em down as we speak. Kaorin: [dumbfounded] ... I see. Goooood luck with that. Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: [distantly, carrying on] Uh-huh. Uh, thank you... [Yomi demonstrates to the stiffly-jointed Osaka how to stretch properly before exercising] Tomo Takino: [pinching Yomi's side] Uh-huh. Yomi's crazy flexible 'cause her body's made of almost nothing but fat! Koyomi Mizuhara: [shouts] Double chop! [hits Tomo on the head karate-chop style with both hands, knocking her to the ground] Yukari Tanizaki: [explaining why they are betting on their school basketball match] It won't be exciting unless we're betting. Besides, like hell I'm going to be exercising with no incentive or reward in sight. [Yukari is playing basketball with her students. She has proclaimed herself, Yomi, and Tomo as 'Team Yukari'. Osaka, Kaorin, and Chiyo are on the other side] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: [raises hand in the air] We're Team Sea Slug! Chiyo Mihama, Kaorin: Huuuh? Chiyo Mihama: But why? Kaorin: Sea slugs are so... [pause. Osaka still has her hand raised in the air] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Go Team Sea Slug! Chiyo Mihama, Kaorin: [unenthusiastically] Yaaay. Tomo Takino: Hey, we just heard you and Miss Yukari were classmates back in high school. Minamo Kurosawa: Mm-hmm. We were. Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Can you tell us what kind of student Miss Yukari was back then? Minamo Kurosawa: [laughs] Let's see... [gi


ggles] Minamo Kurosawa: There's a lot of stories for me to choose from. Yukari Tanizaki: [walking past, as Nyamo suddenly seems profoundly embarrassed] Love letter! Love letter, la-la-lovey, lovey letter, Love letter! Love letter, lovey-dovey-dovey-dovey-dovey love letter! La-la-la-la-la-la-la, love-love-love letter... Minamo Kurosawa: [turns back to the girls from scowling at Yukari's back as she went past; now with a laugh and a blush] But most of them are pretty boring. N-not much to say... [turns and scowls at Yukari again] Male Student 1: Hey, who do you think is the cooler teacher? Miss Kurosawa or Miss Yukari? Male Student 2: Come on, that's a no brainer! [Yukari walks up behind Student #1, out of his sight but in #2's] Male Student 2: Nnh... Miss Yukari, of course. Male Student 1: [laughs] What are you, a comedian or something? [Yukari laughs along with the two of them and knocks them senseless with a binder] [Yukari has decided the best way to endear her students to her is to play basketball with them. She runs to their classroom and slams the door wide open] Yukari Tanizaki: [screams] Basketball! Students: Huh?... Yukari Tanizaki: Now is the basketball era! Come sweat with your teacher and live your youth to its fullest potential! I want everybody together inside the gymnasium! [Yukari slams the door shut and the students just stare at it for about ten seconds] Yukari Tanizaki: [opens the door again, screams even louder this time] Assemble now! [Osaka has hiccups that won't go away] Koyomi Mizuhara: From what I seem to recall, hiccups happen because something is convulsing. Chiyo Mihama: Yeah, that's it! Spasms in the diaphragm. Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Where's the diaphragm? Chiyo Mihama: It's right underneath your lungs. Tomo Takino: [Figuring she can help out] Riiiiiiiiight... here! [punches Osaka in the gut] Chiyo Mihama: Hey! Th-that's the solar plexus! Yukari Tanizaki: [literally falling down drunk] Ohhh, I'm in my happy place... [Yukari is trying to urge her class to win the sports fest] Tomo Takino: Hey! If we win, you should treat us all to a can of juice! Yukari Tanizaki: Juice, huh? Let's see... If we're looking at 120 yen a can... [Counting on her fingers, deep in thought, and suddenly grins and shouts out] Yukari Tanizaki: Okay! If you guys win, I'll treat you all! Koyomi Mizuhara: Just how much did you bet on this? [Second-year student Chiyo is stomping down the stairs, angry because first-year students think she's 'cute'] Chiyo Mihama: No one understands me after all! Male Student 1


: [a first year student ascending the staircase does a double-take as she passes] Huh? What's a kid doing here? Chiyo Mihama: [Turns around and climbs back up the stairs to him, speaking in an accusing tone] You're new to this school, aren't you? Male Student 1: Uh, well, yeah... Chiyo Mihama: I am Chiyo Mihama. A second year student! Senior Mihama to you! Male Student 1: Okay... [long pause as Chiyo stares at him] Male Student 1: um, Senior... Mihama. Chiyo Mihama: That's right! [smiles, giggles, and heads off down the stairs] [Osaka is telling a horror story] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Sometime last night... [Yomi, Tomo, and Chiyo each give a quavering, worried sound] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: I was all alone in my room... when suddenly, outta nowhere... [Tomo gulps nervously] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: The smell of a fart that wasn't mine wafted into my nose. [the other three girls stand in dumbfounded shock for a moment] Tomo Takino: [trembling voice] Spooky! Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Isn't it? Koyomi Mizuhara: [dryly] Really. Yukari Tanizaki: Yeah! Let's play a little soccer! Tomo Takino: Yukari, do you even know the rules? Yukari Tanizaki: Just leave it to me! I'm Mia Hamm. Tomo Takino: Huh? Yukari Tanizaki: I'm Mia Hamm! Tomo Takino: What does that mean? Chiyo-Dad: Won't you join us for dinner? There will be red things! [Studying for the English Mid-term] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Say... like, for "Blue Three [Bruce Lee] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: ", would that mean that "Blue" is his last name? Kagura: That was random. Tomo Takino: HaHaHa! Osaka, thats so dumb. "Blue Three [Bruce Lee] Tomo Takino: " is a foreigner, isn't he? Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Mmm-hmm. Tomo Takino: That means, his last name has got to be "Three". Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga, Kagura: ...oh! Kagura: I never knew that! You're awsome, Tomo. Tomo Takino: Yeah, I know. Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: Ok... but I wonder what happened to "One" and "Two"? [Blue Three is imagined beating up One and Two a'la Bruce Lee] Ayumu 'Osaka' Kasuga: You know, I guess that means "Blue Five" or there about woul be Jackie Chan, huh? Tomo Takino, Kagura: ...oh!


[a bird lands on Osaka's head, then flies away]




导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾



导演: 周申

演员: 任素汐吴昱翰


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