Codename: Kids Next Door follows the escapades of five eager, yet bumbling, ten-year-olds as they join forces against adulthood to fight for...更多>



Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: HANG ON TO YOUR UNDERWEAR! Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Toys? I don't want toys... [shouts] Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: I want revenge! Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: That's it! We'll build a giant clam cannon! Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: If we're movin' up to duckies, I'm gonna need a soda! Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: Where are our super powered anti-adult air attack missiles? [Kiki "Numbah 3" Sanban has a tea party with the missles all dressed up] Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: *ahem* More Tea Ms. Missle? Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: Ah, Gotta keep cool, nothings gonna happen, I'm cool, I'm cool I'm ice baby, no cruddy lice gonna sneak up on me no sir, lice don't sneak up on ice, it ain't nice for lice to sneak up on ice, those lice better think twice cause its... its no dice for those lice, no dice or ice so take my advice you cruddy lice i am not nice. Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: How come we don't ever get to fight "The Ice Cream Sandwich Monster"? Abigail Lincoln Numbuh 5: Yeah, or "The Creature With Lotsa Extra Cash". Nigel Uno: Kids Next Door, battle stations! Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: You better save some room, Delightful Dorks, 'cause you're gonna eat your words along with that cake! Nigel Uno: Um... we don't let them eat the cake. Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: Oh... uh, provided we let you eat the cake, which we're not gonna do! Nigel Uno: We can't leave Numbuh 5 for a minute Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: I'm hungry! Nigel Uno: Let's go get some of Mr. Lincoln's cookies! Nigel Uno: This cake is going to be shared by everyone, except you brats. Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Everyone? Even my sister? Nigel Uno: Yes, even your sister. Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: And Lizzie? Nigel Uno: YES LIZZIE! Do you mind Numbuh 3, I am in the middle of something here. Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Okay, go ahead!


Nigel Uno


: [after hearing Numbuh 2's idea] That is brilliant! Nigel Uno: [next scene, eggs are in his room] This is stupid! You put a kajillion eggs in my room? Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Target sighted. Hi, target! Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: [facing an ice cream monster] Okay, Frosty. Come get a licking. Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: Man, that King Sandy sure has weird taste in women. [Numbah 3 hits him with her weapon as the screen goes black] Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: Ow! [Numbah 2 is hit again] Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: Ow! What'd YOU hit me for? Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: Nothin'. Delightful Children From Down The Lane: A heater? Who puts a heater in an ice cream factory? Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: Walley and Kuki sitting in a tree: K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Numbuh 2 Hoagie P. Gilliam Jr.: [crossly] Have fun, old friend. Nigel Uno: Huh? Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: [sobbing] Good bye Numbah One! [continues sobbing] Abigail Lincoln Numbuh 5: Hold up! So, we made you go to the stupid beach. That's not bad for you to just quit. Nigel Uno: [sadly] This is a private matter Numbah Five. I'm sorry. Wallabee Beatles Numbuh 4: Dude! You can't just quit! Nigel Uno: [sadly] Watch me. [Doors shut, sad music plays] [the kids are in an underground cavern that's flooding with milk] Nigel Uno: Uh, is anyone here allergic to milk? Abigail Lincoln Numbuh 5: No, but Number 5 IS allergic to drowning! Numbuh 86: Of all the stupid things in the stupid world of stupid people acting stupid, you boys are the stupidliest! [Numbuh 1 and tommy are riding Tommy's rocket to the moon] Nigel Uno: What was that? Tommy Gilligan: Um... remember those design flaws I mentioned? Nigel Uno: Ye-e-e-es? Tommy Gilligan: I... never designed a braking system. Numbuh 12: [Operation S.L.U.M.B.E.R] Okay, Numbuh 3. Truth or dare? Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Truth, silly. Numbuh 12: [Numbuh 12 and Numbuh 23 give each other a cunning look] Okay. Do you like... Numbuh 4? [Numbuh 4, disguised as a girl, nearly chokes on his soda and coughs it out] Numbuh 3 Kiki Sanban: Of course I like Numbuh 4, we're in the same unit. Numbuh 12:


[the same cunning looks]


"Codename: Kids Next Door"

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