Gormenghast is an ancient city-state which primarily consists of a rambling and crumbling castle. The narrative, based on the first two of t...更多>



Prof. Bellgrove: Damn it, boy! Don't you even know how to spell your own name? Steerpike: Help me, I'm starving. Lady Fuchsia: Don't touch me. Steerpike: Listen to me... Lady Fuchsia: Don't touch! Steerpike: Listen to me. Please! I did it; I admit it. I killed Flay. You know that, don't you? I killed your aunts, I burnt the library... It was me! I burnt your father's books. I drove him mad - He killed himself because of me. But I did it all for you... Lady Fuchsia: I hate you. Steerpike: I did it all so I could be in a place where you would see me. Lady Fuchsia: I don't want to see you! Steerpike: You love me! I'm ugly and I'm disgusting and you love me. You love me because I'm the only one who can see you. You're so lonely, My Lady... I'm the only one who knows who you are and what you are. Lady Fuchsia: Go away from me. Steerpike: I know what you dream about. Lady Fuchsia: You do not! Steerpike: I do. You know I do. Lady Fuchsia: I have my family! Steerpike: Your mother? Is that a mother? She hardly looks at you. And do you have a real brother? He's so wrapped up in himself, he can't tell. He's even too weak to take what's given him! Does he love you? Does he even see who you are? [pause] Steerpike: I'm sorry about your father... I didn't think that would happen to him. I thought you were all so strong! I thought you were much stronger than me. I wanted to rescue you so you'd like me... Believe me, My Lady, I'm yours! You'll never know a love like mine. I will die for you. Look at me! I'm dying for you now. But I'll win... They can't stop me, because now I know: I'm stronger than all of them! For you I am... With you I am... Lady Fuchsia: You're so ugly. Steerpike: That doesn't matter anymore, does it? I will make you my queen. I will give you everything you need... Lady Fuchsia: Yes... Steerpike: Everything! Oh, Fuchsia... Lady Fuchsia: How dare you call me that. I am LADY Fuchsia! You call me very familiar... Kitchen boy! Guard! Guard! He's here! The kitchen brat! Steerpike: No, Lady Fuchsia! Lady Fuchsia: Do not touch me! You have no RIGHT to touch me! Guard! Guard, he's here! The rat is here! Steerpike: I could have given you everything... Remember that! I could have made you everything you'd ever dreamt of... [disappears through the window] Flay: [Despairingly] Gormenghast! Lady Fuchsia: [Dancing along] I am Fuchsia! I am me! Don't be frightened, wait and see! Lord Groan: [Despairingly] Gormenghast! Steerpike: [Dejected, playing the syrinx to his monkey] It's just you and me now, Satan. Steerpike: [to Titus, Steerpike's last words] You were lucky! Lady Fuchsia: I am so sorry, Nannie. I don't know what to do. No one loves me... What shall I do? I can't dream forever... Titus: He was right, mother. He should have been your son. At least HE would have appreciated it. Steerpike: I could have made you everything you've ever dreamt of. Remember that! Steerpike: I'm going to make them wish they were never born! Or at least never born where they were. Maybe they should try the kitchens next time. Lady Fuchsia: The rain is nice, Nannie. I can pretend I'm not crying. Steerpike: I understand! Lady Fuchsia: No, you don't! Steerpike: If I understand anything, I understand anger. And that's because I understand what it feels like to be rejected. And don't think I don't understand loneliness too. Lady Fuchsia: I'm sorry! [throws herself in his arms before soon after jerking away from him again] Lady Fuchsia: No! No, this is horrible! YOU'RE horrible! You leave me alone! Never come near me! [runs off] Steerpike: [to himself] I can wait... Titus: Mr Flay, wait! I hate Gormenghast... Flay: Oh, no, Lordship! No, no, no. Can't be! Can't be. [walks away] Titus: [to himself] But I do, Mr Flay. I do. Steerpike: Why is it that some people starve and others have so much they waste it? Steerpike: [to Lady Fuchsia] I know I'm a grotesque. I know I come from no-where. But I love you... Steerpike: I'm lost and I am dying of heat from the kitchens! Steerpike: [singing to the starving, half-dead twins] I'm as mad as mad can be. Watch me get your whole family! I'm as mad as mad can be. And you two and me make three... Barquentine: Oh, wonderful. He's behaving his damn self. Barquentine: Damn his Lordship! Where is he? Irma: [shouts]


Why do you never listen to me?


Irma: You are... magnificent. Steerpike: Thank you, madame. At your service. [Irma wants to throw a party in her honor to find a suitor] Dr. Prunesquallor: A party, my dear? Are you the type to give a party? Indeed, are you the type to go to one? [Irma brandishes a knife at him] Dr. Prunesquallor: [startled] Oh, but I see that you are determined. Dr. Prunesquallor: Have a heart and swim away. We are so tired of the sight of your abdomen. Steerpike: Forgive its magnetism. Lady Fuchsia: [re. Titus, her baby brother] He's ugly. Lady Gertrude: So are you.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾


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