Excel works for Across: an organization bent on world domination to create a better society. She ain't exactly great at her job but she defi...更多>



Background voice: I can't believe they killed the main character in the first scene! [On her way to assassinate manga artist Koshi Rikdo] Excel: How dare you live in a place with a roof, you user of ink! Excel: There is one Earth! If it splits in half, there'll be two! All mankind is scum - and bee-yoo-tiful! [to her dog, as she goes out] Excel: Menchi! Watch the place while I'm gone. Oh! And stop acting like you understand human words! It's rude to the other animals out there. [after a log-sized fish roll floats by on a flooded street] Excel: And there appears to be some mighty mysterious carbohydrates floating by as well, don't you think? [Addressing criminals while wearing an improvised "Sailor Moon" hairdo] Excel: There can be no excuse for those who use animation to exploit innocent children. That pisses Excel off! You've all been bad boys, so in the name of the toons, Excel will punish you! [about "Sailor Moon"] Excel: I wanted that part, but it was dubbed in Canada! Excel: Excel just wishes that she had a DVD player instead of a coffee can filled with gravel. Hey, Ilpalazzo, just who does a girl have to sell her unmentionables to to get some personal electronics around here? Excel: [to a scared Koshi Rikdo] No, no, I'm not a robber, I'm just here to obliterate you! [It's Christmas, yet another thing ACROSS is against] Ilpalazzo: It has nothing whatsoever to do with the festival, Excel, but I have a present for you. [Ilpalazzo pulls a cord, dropping Excel into a pit with an alligator] Ilpalazzo: I have supplied a knife with it. Make whatever you want. [Hyatt has died again] Excel: Hyatt, if you continue to so cavalierly play with the definition of death, they're gonna dissect you for real one of these days! Excel: [singing]


Obliterate! Eliminate! Lord Ilpallatzo told me so! Genocide! Manga artist-cide! And an order of homicide to go!


[Good Excel is collared for her earlier homicidal act against Bad Excel] Policewoman Excel: Good Excel, I am placing you under arrest for the murder of Bad Excel Good Excel: Oh well, it's a fair cop. [Good Excel whips out a pistol and shoots Bad Excel with it] Good Excel: The bullet of justice caps evil's ass! Remember that! Excel: Justice plays dirty! Good Excel: Well right makes might y'know! Puuchuu Gun: Wassup! My name is Nanami. I can advance and improve you, man! You gotta shoot me with yo damn soul! I'm countin' on ya! Wassup! Excel: Wow, it even has an adrenaline-pumping masculine voice included. So hi-tech! [Nabeshin didn't help Excel out of a predicament] Nabeshin: But you looked heavy... Excel: HEAVY? OK, MISTER, MY BUTT'S A LITTLE BIG, BUT I'M DEFINITELY NOT "HEAVY!" [Nabeshin pulls a shotgun out of his afro] Excel: That's some serious dandruff, man. [repeated line] Pedro: NOOOO~! Matsuya: I don't care for the way you used my full name, along with the words "see" and "naked". [repeated line] Excel: [shouts] Hail, Ilpalazzo! Excel: HAIL ILPALAZZO! [Ilpalazzo looks up from his newspaper] Ilpalazzo: Ah, Excel. Wastefully exuberant as usual. Iwata: [When thinking about Ropponmatsu 1] Now that I've lost you, I realized how precious you were. Oh, Ropponmatsu! Ropponmatsu 2: You called? Iwata: [Fuming] Not YOU, you freak! And I insist you change your name to Roboko Robota immediately! Ropponmatsu 2: Iwatchi is a pansy! Iwata: That lonesome little...! Ropponmatsu 2: [Holding Matsuya] Oh, Big Sister, the mean ol' Senior is being mean to me. But you're on Ropponmatsu's side, aren't ya? [Sumiyoshi thinks "That's a rare reaction."] Matsuya: [Ropponmatsu 2 still grips on Matsuya] I don't deal well with people who don't fit in the established hiearchy. Iwata: [to Ropponmatsu 2, mad] Hey, don't you be touching her either! She belongs to me too! [Matsuya blows her top, and tosses a cigarette ashtray at Iwata's face, knocking him out] Ilpalazzo: Are you the messenger from HQ? Why are you late? Let us hear your reasons for that first. Key: My name is Key. I am a key. [to Excel] Key: And could you perhaps be... my keyhole? Excel: [shouts]


Excel heat overload! Excel isn't used to such lovie-dovie attacks but what about her Ilpalazzo? Excel's so confused.




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

"Heppoko jikken animêshon excel saga"

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