Kazuki Yotsuga is just an ordinary Japanese schoolboy and computer geek, but when he starts seeing visions of battling giant robots, his lif...更多>



Mitsuki Sanada: Isn't this world great? [About his visions of giant robots] Kazuki: Why is it I can see them, but they can't? [Kazuki's being chased by a dozen angry athletes] Kazuki: There's nothing going on between me and Miss Sanada! Athlete: Then why are you running? Kazuki: Why am I running? Why are you chasing me? [Greeting Kazuki for the first time] Ken Sanada: Mmm! Thank you so much for coming! I'm overcome with emotion! You are the Chosen One, aren't you? And you even feel good! I love it! He's the Chosen One and he even feels good, too! Kazuki: Help! Somebody! He's a pervert! [Sanada holds up picture of himself and his ex-wife] Ken Sanada: My wife's name is Ayuko. Isn't she a beauty? I love to show her off. But where is she now, you ask? (bursts into tears) Ayuko! Please! Come back to me, please, Ayuko! Ken Sanada: You, my friend, are some kind of oddity from a completely alternate world! Mitsuki Sanada: You and I are already involved. We're part of this war, and part of this world. And that's why we can't go back. Kazuki: You've got to be kidding. Kazuki: What kind of crazy world is this, anyway? Ken Sanada: If I really did have a daughter in this world, I would hope she'd be exactly like you, Mitsuki. TV Announcer: We interrupt this program to bring you the following announcement, paid for by The People's Committee For A Chaotic Overthrow Of This World By The Rara Army. Miss Rah: You've all seen the awesome might of our ancient arms. They give us the unlimited ability to serve and protect you, and all we ask in return is your servitude and your undying pledge to praise and glorify Mr. Rara! Now don't you think that's a small price to pay for your peace of mind? Akane Yamano: Yotsuga, try to understand that the future of our world depends on you. Imagine what life would be like with that bald, miserable, ugly old coot ruling our world. It's bad enough he has to live here! Boy: First Mitsuki and then Miss Schwael. How come you get all the good-looking babes? Kazuki: Just lucky, I guess. [White eating instant ramen at midnight in a darkened kitchen] Ken Sanada: I guess I'm just a junk food junkie at heart. Kazuki: I feel the same way. I just can't get enough.


Hiroshi Rara


: Get a look at that, Sanada! That is the power of ancient technology! Hiroshi Rara: I'm signing off now so I don't have to see you cry.


"Dual! Paralle lunlun monogatari"

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