It's in the Water (1997)

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It's in the Water
  • 片       名It's in the Wat...
  • 上映时间1997年06月21日(美国)
  • 导       演 Kelli Herd
  • 又       名It's in the Water
  • 编       剧 Kelli Herd


  • Spencer: I guess I first realized I was gay when I put together some fabulous throw pillows that matched the curtains in the breakfast nook of my tree house. Jack Talbot: Our antiques are new. Viola: The water's unsafe to be drinkin'! Mark: Hi, my name's Mark, and I'm a... Group: Healthy Heterosexual Male! Protestors: No hope for Homos! Grace Miller: [seeing Sloane] Nice tits. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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