"Extreme Ghostbusters" (1997)

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"Extreme Ghostbusters"


  • advertisement Eduardo: Three hours of crawling in the sewers for electric leeches and what do we get? Egon: Exposure to every known toxin and effluent in this city. Not a total loss. Egon: Look, just because my hair is turning grey, and I'm getting flabby, my eyesight and hearing have diminished, my metabolic rate has slowed down, and I'm no longer producing brain cells, doesn't mean I'm getting old. Garrett: Oh, stupid bipeds! Kylie: Ghosts walk among us. Eduardo: So do weird chicks. Kylie: If you'd just been rudely awakened after 30 years how would you feel? Garrett: Extremely hungry. [to Roland] Garrett Miller: The thrill of the hunt, my man! The more foxes, the better. Think of it like dating... If you dated. Egon Spengler: [referring to one of the ghosts] It needs a host. Eduardo Rivera: You mean like Alex Trebek? Kylie Griffin: You blasted me! Eduardo Rivera: I had to, you were doing the Linda Blair bit! Egon Spengler: The city's in danger. To put it in the vernacular, who you gonna call? [Upon meeting the original Ghostbusters] Roland Jackson: The Real Ghostbusters! Eduardo Rivera: They look real, all right. Real old. Garrett Miller: That goo creature is putting the moves on Lady Liberty! [Garrett's in a wheelchair] Garrett Miller: A son would be cool. I could teach him all of my tricks, we could race together, get him his own little chair. Roland Jackson: Garrett, you might get a son that can walk. Garrett Miller: I suppose I could still love him. Garrett Miller: New York, New York. The town so nice, they named it twice. Eduardo Rivera: [to Garrett, after his body has been taken over by a ghost] Good news is, your legs work. Bad news is, you're not working 'em. The Grundel: Come out and play, child. Come out and play. Kylie: [Janine has been possessed by a bug demon and has almost completely transformed into a insect queen] Tell her you love her! Egon: Is that appropriate? Kylie: [shouts] Do it! Egon: Ah, Janine, I love you. Kylie: You want to press your lips to hers. Egon: Ah, I want, to press my lips to yours. Egon: [the insect queen Janine approaches Egon after he tells her that he loves her and he wants to kiss her] That's it, Janine. Kiss me. Ah, give me some sugar, baby. Janine Melnitz: [Janine is free from Cohila's psychic control] I'll take that kiss now. Egon: [hesitant] Oh, that! Well, you see, that was just part of the plan. I was attempting to break Cohila's psychic grip on you by... Janine Melnitz: [grabs Egon and kisses him] Think about *that*, next time I ask you to dinner. [repeated line] Eduardo Rivera: Maybe he's dead. Kylie Griffin: I'm not a screamer. Eduardo: Computers are overrated. Watch some TV. Kylie: [about the Internet] What you are looking at, it's looking at you. Eduardo: That's Slimer. He's our pet, kinda like a dog... but uglier. [repeated line] Eduardo: Oh maaan! 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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