Wish Upon a Star (1996)

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  • 喜剧  家庭  奇幻


  • [Alexia is in Hayley's body] Alexia: What next, Hayley? Are you gonna lose my virginity too? 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • : You may have my body, breasts, and boyfriend, but you are not me. Alexia: Pop a Midol, who said anything about being late?! Hayley Wheaton: We're sisters. We're a lot more alike than you think. Alexia Wheaton: It's an abrasive product used to scrub away sink residue. [Alexia and Hayley are in each other's bodies, but their parents don't know it. Alexia is yelling at Hayley] Ben Wheaton: I've never seen Hayley express her feelings like that before! [Hayley is in Alexia's body. Hayley looks at a picture of Alexia's boyfriend] Hayley: Today, you're mine. Alexia: Today is definitely day one. Hayley: Day one of what? Alexia: My diet. Oh, excuse me. I mean your diet. A fruit and veggie fast. You're bloated. Hayley: What are you talking about? I'm a knockout. Make-up may be a bit heavy. Not me. Alexia: [in Hayley's body] So is there anything else I should know about you? Other than that you're a grungy, social outcast? Hayley: [in Alexia's body] I'm not grungy. I just have my own style. Alexia: Oh, dirt under the fingernails is in? You won't mind if I remove it, will you? Alexia Wheaton: [Hayley in Alexia's body, watching Alexia in her body dancing on the cafeteria table, grabs Kyle] Oh, Kyle you're such a good kisser. Give me another hickey, baby! [starts to maul Kyle] Alexia: [Hayley as Alexia] Man oh, man. It worked. Hayley: [Alexia as Hayley] What-what worked? Alexia: I uh... Hayley: You did this? Alexia: I made a wish when-when I saw a shooting star. Hayley: You made a wish to be me? Alexia: I didn't think it would work. [touches her boobs] Hayley: [slaps her hand away from her chest] Ewwwww! I don't like it in here! [pushes Alexia against the bathroom door] Hayley: Wish us back! Alexia: [pushes her against the opposite wall] I don't think that's possible, *Hayley*. Hayley: I think it is! *Hayley*! Do it now! Alexia: I can't! [smugly] Alexia: It's daytime. Hayley: Well, I have a lot of personal things I have to deal with today, and we are not leaving this house until everything is back in order. I'll handle this. [makes a dramatic exit] Alexia: [looks in the mirror] 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • Me? I'm Alexia. Alexia Wheaton. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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  • [squeals and jumps up in excitement] Caitlin Sheinbaum: I never said an open party, my parents will slaughter me. Sabrina: Well it's a small price to pay when you consider what it'll do for your social life. Alexia Wheaton: Caitlin didn't you say you neeeded to talk to Hayley? Hayley Wheaton: Yeah, Caitlin can I talk to you for a minute? Alexia Wheaton: Let me get this straight, she invited you for dinner and you proceeded to include the rest of the student body? Sabrina: Pretty crafty, huh? Alexia Wheaton: What makes you think you can treat people like this? Talley: We learned it from you. Remember our motto, "Act Superior, our number one rule?" Alexia Wheaton: Don't you guys ever get tired of acting like snobs? Kazumi: Alex, we're seniors. We're supposed to live it up, we have parties, we use little weaklings like Caitlin. Alexia Wheaton: If you think it's acceptable to treat a kind and generous person like Caitlin, like that, we have no business being friends. Talley: Well then who else are you going to hang out with for the rest of the year? Alexia Wheaton: Who cares? Sabrina: O.K. O.K. It's canceled. Kazumi: We'll party at The Pointe instead. Alexia Wheaton: Good, now apologize to Caitlin. Kazumi: She's a sophomore, what do you expect from us? Alexia Wheaton: Nothing, a decent gesture would be far too dignified for the three of you. Sabrina: You know, you looked hideous in the newspaper. Kazumi: See if we vote for you for queen? Talley: Guys, we already did. 复制 复制成功 复制失败,请手动复制
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