Blood & Donuts

Blood & Donuts (1995) 5.9

1995-09-09(加拿大)| 喜剧 恐怖| 加拿大
上映时间:1995-09-09(加拿大) 类型: 喜剧 恐怖
评分: 力荐

Boya, a vampire who went to sleep in 1969, is awakened in modern day Toronto by a stray golf ball. He becomes involved in the lives of a hap...更多>



Stephen: Am I employing retards? I have nothing against retards in general, I just can't afford to employ them. Earl: What's, like, your take on heaven. Stephen: Most people have some dignity, most people long to leave a mark. If it were just a question of smudges... they wouldn't need the bowling shoe rule. Earl: So where you from? Boya Zsekely: It's a long story. Earl: I've got all night Boya Zsekely: You'd need all night. Earl: Well I've got all night. Boya Zsekely: Everyone's special. Molly: Well I've heard that one too. Boya Zsekely: It's what I believe. All I believe. Every human life... Molly: So you're one of those huh? Boya Zsekely: One of what? Molly: A humanist. Pierce: Hey earl, we need your trunk. [Earl shakes his head] Pierce: C'mon the guy's wrapped. There won't be any leakage. Boya Zsekely: Each time you turn your back, a few more... gone, makes you want to withdraw. Molly: Yeah, well. Can't go through life afraid to connect 'cos the thing might end, right? Boya Zsekely: Not might.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

Blood & Donuts

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