Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna (1994) 5.9

1994-04-11(印度)| 喜剧| 印度
上映时间:1994-04-11(印度) 类型: 喜剧
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Amar and Prem are two small-town buffoons who want to get rich quickly. They separately plan to court a rich heiress Raveena who is the only...更多>



Prem: Ha


ppy birthday, Rabbit. Crime Master Gogo: What is this Teja, Teja? Teja: [with a picture of his twin] Tan tara ra... guess who's this? Bhalla: Very smart... in your younger days, you looked like a very nice man... Teja: Hahaha... got fooled didn't you? This is the game... this is not me, he's my brother... Ram Gopal Bajaj... my name isn't Teja either... Shyam Gopal Bajaj... me Shyam, him Ram... my old man loved him a lot... everyone thought I was the villain and he was the hero... and then 1 day old man transferred his property to him... that day itself I swore to myself that I will also kill my dad... throw his cards down... but unfortunately in the night's darkness our treasurer Harishankar got killed... but it was good that he died... he used to talk to about good deeds and godliness a lot... he bored me! Crime Master Gogo: Yaaayyyyy Crime Master Gogo... Nephew of the great Mogambo... Playing with eye balls ever since I was a child! Prem: Amar... lets go back home. Amar Manohar: W...Why? Are you scared? Prem: No... n...not scared... I just need to pee! Bankeylal Bhopali: You again? Fooling my innocent son... taking his advantage... Son, lets go back home. He can't make you a superstar... Johnny: I will also make you a superstar in my film, UNCLE! Bankeylal Bhopali: UNCLE?? I know you from a very long time... you are a very old sinner! As it is you fooled my father... pretending to be a little child out here, eh??? Inn manager: Listen carefully... Don't make a noise, there's a graveyard close by... I don't want complaints coming in from there. Water comes in between 2-3 in the morning, make sure you take a bath! And no matter what DON'T SWITCH THE LIGHTS ON! Amar Manohar: But if I don't switch the lights on, it'll be so troublesome... I mean how will I change my clothes, eh? Inn manager: you DON'T switch the lights on... and why do you need the lights for changing clothes?? Is something there that needs to be seen or shown out here or what? Ram Gopal Bajaj: Shut up! Ever since I have come here all I've got to hear is Amar-Prem, Amar-Prem... nobody over here cares about me... *cries* Robert: Sir... everybody went to London... you didn't go along??? Teja: How could I? *cries* Police was looking for me after I murdered Munim Harishankar... on the other hand, I had taken a loan from Mogambo so his nephew Gogo was looking for me as well... You think I don't want to go to London? you think I don't have desires to see what London looks like? Amar Manohar: Mr. Gogo! I've been hearing stories about your heroism since childhood! Prem, remember what my mom used to tell me when I refused to go to sleep? Crime Master Gogo: What was that your mom used to tell you? Amar Manohar: She used to say, "Son Amar Son Amar.... Go to sleep! ELSE..."


Crime Master Gogo


: ...else??? Amar Manohar: e...else The great Gogo will come!" Amar Manohar: [To Gogo] You are great... You are any man's best mate... You are very kind... You have the world's greatest mind... The whole world is your fan.... I feel that you are definitely not a man! Crime Master Gogo: What? Amar Manohar: A... ba... ba... ba... you're superman! superman! Amar Manohar: Finally the camel has come under the mountain! All of you beware! I am that ferocious tiger who would eat you all alive and not even burp once! Yeah!!! Prem: Gogo... take a last look at the diamonds Teja: What are you showing him? Bring the diamonds or I'll plunge the knives into their necks... Crime Master Gogo: [tries to take one of the diamonds] Prem: Sorry Gogo, they belong to Teja Crime Master Gogo: At least let me take one... I had given a loan to Teja! It rightfully belongs to me! Amar Manohar: Listen Listen people of this world! Teja is the greatest of all the pearls! Bhalla: I have put a bomb in this bouquet of flowers which will explode exactly in 3 minutes! Go and put it in inside the hall Robert: But sir if I put it... wouldn't the police think that I killed Raveena? Bhalla: Relax Robert... I have put a card inside the bouquet which has TILLU'S name written on it... Ha Ha Ha!!! Bhalla: Attention everybody! On this joyous occasion of Robert's birthday.... I present to your these heavenly drinks... Robert, go give everyone a glass... Robert: But Sir you didn't tell me beforehand that it was my birthday today? Bhalla: Happy Birthday Robert! Robert: To kill Raveena... I have prepared this drink which is called "The Heavenly Drink" drinking which a person is instantly deported to Heaven Amar Manohar: Listen Listen people of this world! Mr. Gogo is the greatest of all the pearls! Prem: I can see my destiny shining in front of me. Bankeylal Bhopali: In front there is a police station and a graveyard. Tell me what's your destiny? Amar Manohar: From where have you bought this jacket? Is it from America? Prem: No, no, no, I bought it from New York. Amar Manohar: OK, I thought you bought it from America. Amar Manohar: Heads I win, tails you lose. Prem: No, no, no. The other way round. Amar Manohar: OK, if that makes you happy, tails I win, heads you lose. Ram Gopal Bajaj:




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

Andaz Apna Apna

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