Determined to avoid another night of driving aimlessly around Torrance in the Blue Torpedo, Joe and Hubbs set out on a quest for fine chicks...更多>



Hubbs: I'd kick his ass if it wasn't for his massive upper body stregnth. Hubbs: Ever since you got hit by that laser at that Blue Oyster Cult Show you've been acting like a pussy! Tack: Bring on the bitches! Joe: Technically you're his chicks. Hubbs: Every band puts out at least one pussy song so they can find out who the faggots are! Dad: Where do you get your values? From that stinking heavy metal music you listen to day and night? Joe: Yeah, that's it, man. It's all the music! You know everything is just fine until we just listen to a couple of heavy metal albums. Then we get all fucked up! Buffalo Chick #1: It's a party. Joe: Who's it gonna be, just you chicks? Buffalo Chick #1: Yeah. We could play... submarine. Hubbs: Actually ladies we gotta get going. Buffalo Chick #2: Where you going? Hubbs: Just cruisin' man. Tack: What chick's gonna wanna go out with a krater face? Joe: Your face will clear up some day man, and who knows, maybe you can meet a chick with an acne problem too. Then you two will have something in common. Tack: I don't want no chicks with zits, I want fine chicks! Joe: Nothing happened, man. She didn't even give me head. Joe: Shit man! I gotta get that chic's phone number. How do you spell Weijikowokawitz anyway? Hubbs: What are you gonna fucking call her man? That's the whole point. Shes from up north! You never have to see her again! You didnt even pork her, thank god! Joe: Hubbs, man. You just dont get it, do you? Man, I was digging on that chic! Hubbs: What did she have like a great personality? Ahahaha! You're thinking too much pussy! Tack: You'd rather watch The Dukes of Hazzard instead of getting laid? Hubbs: Information without transportation equals dick. Lanie: [takes hit from pipe, coughs] This is fuckin' skank weed! Joe: You can still catch a buzz off of it. Hubbs: You're going to get your ass kicked over some fatass chick man? [Crump's brother is kicking down the door and Joe and Hubbs run to hide in the kitchen] Hubbs: Oh man... Crump's brother is going to kick our ass bad. But it was worth it, eh dude? That chick was rad. Joe: Uh... yeah, man. Hubbs: What? You blew it? You didn't go for it?


[Joe looks away]


Hubbs: I should kick your ass myself. Hubbs: If it wasn't for you and this fag, me and Joe would be having a tittie-fest right now! Joe: It still ain't cool to just worm his chicks, man. Hubbs: What the fuck, Joe! Is that fuckin' eyeball lookin' at you again? Jill Wajakawakawitz: Who's Tack? Joe: Just Some Dude Mrs. Hankey: Don't be such a Poopydoodle! Jill Wajakawakawitz: Guy kinda reminds me of Mondo Man. Lanie: Yeah kind of. Joe: Who the fuck is Mondo Man? Jill Wajakawakawitz: Oh, he's just some dude.




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震

The Stöned Age

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