"Aaahh!!! Real Monsters"

"Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" 7.8

1994-10-29(美国)| 动画 家庭 喜剧| 美国
上映时间:1994-10-29(美国) 类型: 动画 家庭 喜剧 恐怖
评分: 力荐



advertisement [Krumm's hair disappears] Ickis: Hey, Krumm, I think you're having a bad hair day. Oblina: What is that noise? Krumm: Maybe it's my stomach. Oblina: Even your stomach is not that loud, Krumm. Ickis: [refering to the blob] And when he looks at us that way, you know he's thinking... breakfast, lunch and dinner. Krumm: I wanna be dinner. Security Guard: Hey! No running in the mall! Darn dogs. Ickis: All those stories he told were really great, are they all true? The Gromble: Of course they were all true, great monters never lie. Ickis: Even the one about the shoe store? The Gromble: No! Ickis: But you just said [The Gromble glares. Ickis laughs nervously] Ickis: Well, maybe he, exaggerated a little... Ickis: [seeing fireworks] Wow, instant sky flowers. Boy, are they noisy!


"Aaahh!!! Real Monsters"

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