"The High Life"

"The High Life" (1998) 8.4

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advertisement Sebastian: Nul points! Nul Points! Even Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran did better than that in 1977 with 'Rock Bottom' and they were shite! Stewards: Scotia, Air Scotia, You're the airline that's for me. Scotia, Air Scotia, I'm very pleased to be With Scotia, Air Scotia, For you we'll do or die. Dinna fass yersel', dae it awfully well, We're yours, aye, in the sky. Shona: I have a hunch the henchman is half-hearted in his horribleness. Shona: I intend to win that grand, it's as good as in my hand, it's all planned, d'ye understand? Sebastian: Pif, paf pof! Sebastian and Steve: Every time I see you walking down the street, I get all shivery from my head down to my feet. I don't know what's going on down below, My organs aren't responding in a way that I know. Sebastian and Steve: Say that you don't hate me, / Say that you will date me, / Tell me I'm your lover man. / When I look in your direction, / I get a selection of sensations / That I don't understand. Sebastian: Hello Ms Spurtle, how's your arse for love bites? Shona: Fine thankye, how's ye ear for dermatitis? Sebastian: Piff Paff Poff! I want to have it off 'till I cough! Shona: Can I be blunt? Sebastian: If I can be Philby... Steve McCracken: And I can be Burgess.




导演: 阿瓦提·钱德安

演员: 阿米尔·汗泽伊拉·沃西姆



导演: 李芳芳

演员: 章子怡张震

"The High Life"

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