It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Br...

1992-11-27(美国)| 喜剧 短片 动画| 美国
上映时间:1992-11-27(美国) 类型: 喜剧 短片 动画
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As the holiday season rolls around and all the Peanuts gang are getting ready for it. Whether it be Charlie Brown struggling to raise money ...更多>




Charlie Brown: Would you like to buy a Christmas wreath? Girl: It's not even Thanksgiving, yet. By the time Christmas comes, all the needles will be falling off. Charlie Brown: Don't hang it near the turkey. [The correct line is "Hark"] Sally: Hockey stick! Marcy: Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord. Peppermint Patty: [while Marcy is speaking] Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa! Boy: I am Gabriel, Mary, and I couldn't hear you because of the sheep. Charlie Brown: Good morning, this is a Christmas Wreath. Girl: [snatches wreath away from Charlie Brown] Thank you, I love samples. Marcy: And there were shepherds in the field watching their flocks by night. Peppermint Patty: Woof! Meow! Moo! Whatever. Peppermint Patty: [on the phone, to Marcy] Marcy, what book were we supposed to read during Thanksgiving Vacation? Marcy: This is Christmas Vacation, Sir. Peppermint Patty: Christmas Vacation? How can I read something during Christmas Vacation, when I didn't read what I was supposed to read during Thanksgiving Vacation? Marcy: Duck, Sir. Easter is coming Lucy: Okay, get up! I want to lie in that beanbag! Linus: Remember when we were siting around the Christmas tree opening our presents? That's when you said it. Lucy: That's when I said what? Linus: It was beautiful. You said, "Why do we have to be nice to each other only on Christmas? Why can't we be nice to each other every day?" Lucy: You drive me crazy! Linus: Joy to the world. Marcy: [Marcy and Patty are walking to their school Christmas play] Watch out for the curb here, Sir. Peppermint Patty: What? [she trips on the curb, in her sheep costume] Marcy: Slouching towards Bethlehem huh, Sir? Peppermint Patty: I can't stand it! Sally: Good morning, would you like to buy a Christmas wreath made from some junky old branches my brother found in a Christmas tree lot? You wouldn't would you? And I can't say I blame you.




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown

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