Mom and Dad Save the World

Mom and Dad Save the World (1992) 4.7

1992-07-24(美国)| 喜剧 家庭 科幻| 美国
上映时间:1992-07-24(美国) 类型: 喜剧 家庭 科幻
评分: 力荐

Emperor Spengo sees Marge Nelson and using a giant magnet, kidnaps her and her husband Dick, hoping to make Marge his before blowing up the ...更多>



Emperor Todd Spengo: I'll have you know, Marge Nelson, it's not the size of your planet, it's how you use it! King Raff: This is very important... open my pants. Emperor Todd Spengo: On a scale of one-to-ten, in terms of... universe-dominating greatness, where would you place, say... oh, me? General Afir: A ten sire, most definitely. Emperor Todd Spengo: [musing] A ten? Hmmm... [becoming more annoyed] Emperor Todd Spengo: Well yes, of course a Ten. What else would you think? A six? Sirk, Raff's Son: What we lack in brains, we make up for with good intentions. Dick Nelson: That's my wife you got there! That's my planet you're blowing up! And that's... that's just some guy I met, but still, I think this thing has gone just a little too far! Emperor Todd Spengo: What are you doing in my head? King Raff: [voiceover] At the very edge of the galaxy is our world. The tiny planet known, as Spengo. For many decades I was the king of this planet. The people were happy and their lives were good... But also, alas, we were a planet of idiots. Then, one day, the most bloodthirsty, fearsome villain had ever seen seized power, imprisoned me, and renamed the planet after himself. His name - Todd Spengo. [Todd Spengo is walking and runs into a low pipe] King Raff: Well alright, so he's not exactly fearsome - but he certainly caught us by surprise. Emperor Todd Spengo: General Afir, how much longer? General Afir: The death ray is ready great one! Emperor Todd Spengo: [Excited noises] [Walks forward, his gaurds follow] King Raff: [Voice over] Did I mention we were a planet of idiots? [the guards run into the same pipe]




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

Mom and Dad Save the World

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