Dominion (1988) 6.9

1988-05-27(日本)| 动画 科幻 动作| 日本
上映时间:1988-05-27(日本) 类型: 动画 科幻 动作 喜剧
评分: 力荐

In the far future, Earth is a polluted hell with massive cities and a crime problem to match. Keeping the peace is the Tank police that lite...更多>



Mayor: A surgeon operates with a scalpel which he takes good care to sterilize to prevent unnecessary infections. If he uses a TANK, the patient tends to DIE. Buaku: Green depths contained me. No sun, no moon, no Earth, no sky, no darkness, no light, no word. Then came the last day, which was the first day of my existence. The first day... Brenten:


Booohooo... curses... I can't stand it... I've never been so insulted in my whole friggin life. Waaaaah! I'll kill him. I'll cut out his stinkin guts and piss on em


The Chief: I resent that! It was you politicians who gave us surgeons those tanks in the first place. Besides, nowadays, tanks are about as effective as toothpicks. Mayor: Toothpicks? Well if tanks are no better than toothpicks, what would you propose to help the police in fighting crime? The Chief: I'm glad you asked me that. I would'nt mind replacing my guns with tactical nuclear weapons. Mayor: Nuclear weapons? Mayor: Nuclear weapons could have stopped wars as the had done, they should be able to stop criminals. Though I'm no pessimist, I don't think we can ever get rid of crime completely. Mayor: Chief, you cannot be serious? Mayor: Deadly serious. It was you politicians who gave us the tanks and told us to fight the bad guys. We can argue over whether the law that set us up, was a good one or not, but the laws the law and no we're here. We're right at the sharp end in the fight against crime and if you want law and order, I've only got one thing to say : If you want us to zap em, GIVE US MORE TANKS! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? THIS IS WAAR AND THE TANK POLICE AND IN FRONTLINE! Buaku: I didn't bring this machine gun to surrender! Brenten: That clever dick doc, talkin' all that medical crap. How was I suppose to know what he was going on about? Megane: It's slightly simpler once you realise that all of us living under the bacterial cloud have, to some extent, been poisoned by it. And speaking medically, we're all pretty poor specimens. Brenten: I'm no specimen and I feel just fine. Are you saying that the quack was telling us that we're seriously sick? He stood there. Bragging. About how he only treats healthy people who don't need him in the first place. If doctors are only going to treat healthy people, then the police should go robbing banks! Brenten: [Brenten thinks for a moment] ... Let's go rob a bank. I've wanted to rob one for years but I've kept myself pure but tonight, the day has come! Chaplain: What are you doing under that heap of scrap, Lieutenant? Brenten: He wants to know what I'm doing under this heap of scrap? TAKING A REST, NATURALLY! Brenten: This some kinda new drug? Doctor: Nothing new about it. As a matter of fact, its a batch of Urine. Leona Ozeki: But if there's a crime going on, we gotta go and help. Brenten: Now pin your ears back and listen to me. We get a crime of some kind every 36 seconds within the precincts of the city we patrol. My main job as tank police commander is to make sure it doesn't rise to 1 in every 35 seconds. Get it? The Chief: But who's fool enough to play with a Grenade? Brenten, The Chief: [simultaneously] I'll bet it was Leona Ozaki! Buaku:


Cut it out! We ain't here to get dressed in antique fancy clothes and sit around on our asses, we're here to get "Innocent" right? So we ain't got any time to waste on amateur theatricals and anyway your lines with are really terrible.




导演: 柯汶利

演员: 肖央谭卓



导演: 杨子

演员: 于和伟吴磊


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