While taking a holiday in the country with his mother, Dennis hits on a scheme to impress a girl so that she'll go away on a trip with him a...更多>



Mary: You've got a lovely tan! Mrs. Carter: Yes. The sun did that! Andrea: For God's sake, he's not a drug dealer! He lives with his mum! Constable Collins: So do I! Commander Robertson: Where did you get that sun-tan, Dennis? Dennis Carter: On holiday. Commander Robertson: Where? Dennis Carter: Look, I'm not saying anything 'till I've seen a solicitor. Commander Robertson: Collins, is there a first-aid box in this station? Constable Collins: Well, of course, sir. Commander Robertson: Good. Have this man beaten up. Commander Robertson: Ah, I'd like you to meet these two police undercover officers, Dennis. This is Harvey Duncan, who'll be acting as your miinder, and this is Policewoman Lesley Reynolds, who'll be going as your girlfriend. Dennis Carter: That's not my girlfriend! Commander Robertson: She is now! [being pursued by a motorcycle policeman] Dennis Carter: We've lost him, Harv... Lesley Reynolds: Well done, Harvey. Dennis Carter: Yeah, nice bit of driving, Harvey! [the car crashes into a traffic sign] Troy: Do that again and I shall take you out to sea and drown you! Dennis Carter: [drunk] You've gotta be lucky. But then again, I don't think they'll catch up with me in Sri Lanka. Lesley Reynolds: Why not? Dennis Carter: Because I'll grow a moustache! I could grow a beard, I could... But... I always think people with beards have got something to hide, you know... Have you ever grown a beard, Harvey? Harvey Duncan: No. Dennis Carter: No, nor have I. Dennis Carter: Beauty. Lesley Reynolds: Famous. Dennis Carter: Supergrass! Harvey Duncan: Dead. [Dennis laughs] Lesley Reynolds: I thought so. [they're pulled over] Dennis Carter: Police! [Dennis, Harvey and Lesley are pulled over] Lesley Reynolds: Driving licence? Dennis Carter: Haven't got one. Harvey Duncan: What? Dennis Carter: I don't have one. Lesley Reynolds: Shit! Dennis Carter: Pants! Harvey Duncan: Shut up, Dennis! Lesley Reynolds: What about Jim? Troy: Oh, little Squealer here stuck a knife in his neck, didn't you? Dennis Carter: Don't be stupid! [Troy kicks him off the bed] Troy: Pardon?


The Supergrass

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