Jack McKee (Jeff Bridges) and Cecil Colson (Sam Waterston) are two bumbling drifters whom make a living by rustling cattle from other people...更多>



Mr. Colson:


I've seen more of this state's poor cowboys, miners, railroaders and Indians go broke buyin' pickup trucks. The poor people of this state are dope fiends for pickup trucks. As soon's they get ten cents ahead they trade in on a new pickup truck. The families, homesteads, schools, hospitals and happiness of Montana have been sold down the river to buy pickup trucks!... And there's a sickness here worse than alcohol and dope. It is the pickup truck death! And there's no cure in sight.


Cecil Colson: Should I bring lots of rubbers? Henry Beige: [digging a bullet out of a dead steer] If I wasn't so dad-blamed old, I wouldn't know what this is. John Brown: What is it? Henry Beige: It's a fifty-caliber bullet! John Brown: From what kind of gun? Henry Beige: A Sharps buffalo rifle! This is gettin' downright romantic! Wilbur Fargo: [throwing open the doors to Jack and Cecil's place] Come in, Grandma, and see the floozies and the whore-mongers! Filth and evil are one subject I am slow to tolerate! Jack McKee: Uh, that's two subjects. Wilbur Fargo: You are in a dangerous country, boy... [Jack fires a bullet into the wall above Wilbur's head] Henry Beige: Here's my bill. You can pay it, or use it to wipe the pablum off your chin. John Brown: I'll pay it. Henry Beige: Don't make me no never mind; I'm just in this for the sport. Henry Beige: I'm gonna give you a rule of thumb. You foller it and you just might hold on to this ranch of yours. All large-scale crime is an inside job. Takin' fingerprints and sendin' trash off to the lab just don't ger her done. If you're dealin' with people, you gotta be human. Laura Beige: C'mon Henry, let's blow this pop stand. I wanna get to Great Falls and spend my cut.


Rancho Deluxe

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