Romantic drama following the fortunes of a drifter named Beaudray Demerille (Peter Fonda) who wins a young orphan named Wanda (14 year old B...更多>



Beaudray Demerille: The bet's fifty dollars, pal. Card Hustler: You gotta honor my marker. Beaudray Demerille: I wouldn't honor your mama. Wanda Nevada: Do you think we're headin' in the right direction? Beaudray Demerille: We wouldn't be headin' in this direction if it weren't right. Wanda Nevada: Why do we always have to do it your way? Beaudray Demerille: Because I got all the money and the guns. Old Prospector: What are you prospectin'? Beaudray Demerille: Oh, ah, silver... Wanda Nevada: ...and gold! Beaudray Demerille: Shh! Old Prospector: Everyone knows there ain't no gold in the Grand Canyon! Beaudray Demerille: Everyone knows there ain't no gold in the Grand Canyon.



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