The Spikes Gang

The Spikes Gang (1974) 6.0

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Harry Spikes: So you went and robbed yourself a bank, did ya? Killed a man and lost the money. Don't look like you boys have the gift for it. Harry Spikes: You brought down a big one boys. There's a bounty on ya. They don't care if you're cold or warm, they'll pay $1500 for each one of ya. Les Richter: Well, that makes us sitting ducks, don't it... not knowing which way we're going to get flushed.


Harry Spikes


: That's the game. Will Young: We sure didn't mean nothing like this to come of it. We didn't desire to commit murder. It just kinda ran away from us. Harry Spikes: Well, we all started out as somethin' else way back. Tod: What would you do if you was us, Mr. Spikes? Harry Spikes: Lie close. Keep your boots by your bed. Sit up quick when a dog barks. Go out but little. Make no acquaintances. Have nothing peculiar about your manner or dress. And above all... never talk. It's the talking man gets caught. Harry Spikes: Don't look so scared boys. Hell, look at me. [Turns around while naked, indicating his various wounds] Harry Spikes: Vadalia... Northfield... Jonesboro... Elysian Township... Marysville... Gallatin. Oh, I ducked a little late a few times, but I'm still standin'. The thing to do, my friends, is to admit to your fate with Christian resignation and live bravely until your appointed time. [The Spikes Gang plans its first bank robbery] Harry Spikes: They keep the money in back in the vault. They keep some money in the drawer up front. It ain't much, but we'll take it to allay the cause. Les Richter: What if they don't want to give it to us? Harry Spikes: Well, then they're dead men for sure. Remember boys, there is no arrest or trial for this crime - only convictions. Harry Spikes: Well, you boys left the farm and you had some trouble. You've seen some of the world. How do you find it? Les Richter: We ain't really seen that much of it. We've been chased through it! [commenting on a dubious meal] Tod Hayhew: It isn't too bad, really, if you don't get your nose too close. Tod Hayhew: I'd never let him do that [tooth pulling] Tod Hayhew: without laughing gas. Harry Spikes: Why, he's the same doctor that took out my appendix with only a quart and a half of tequila. [Tod has been severely wounded during a bank robbery] Harry Spikes: I don't know when I liked a boy so much. He was never noisy... never rude. A born gentleman by nature. Well, let's hope the ground that covers his grave will always be green. Will Young: He's not dead yet! Harry Spikes: He's a goner. Say goodbye and let's go. [Spikes gets ready to leave Tod, who has been severely wounded] Harry Spikes: I'd stay by his side if I thought it would do him any good and me no harm. But that ain't the way it lies. Will Young: Don't you care nothing for him? You just said you did! Harry Spikes:


I've left men dead behind me. I've left men dying behind me. And I've left 'em calling my name. What you do is shut your ears and close your eyes and run like hell. If you boys were older and been in it longer, you'd know that's the only way to live.




导演: 唐季礼

演员: 成龙杨洋



导演: 彭发

演员: 释小龙胡军

The Spikes Gang

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