Speedee Taxis is a great success, which means its workaholic owner Charlie starts neglecting Peggy, his wife. Suddenly a fleet of rival taxi...更多>



Peggy Hawkins: Charlie, I know what you're thinking. Charlie Hawkins: Good, then it save me having to tell you, Mrs Glam! Peggy Hawkins: [to the car salesman] We'll take fifteen! [Charlie, not knowing that Peggy is running Glamcabs, tells her all about the planned sabotage] Peggy Hawkins: What you're going to do is wrong, Charlie! Charlie Hawkins: Alright, so it's wrong, Charlie! And I'm a right Charlie! Expectant Father: Cab! Charlie Hawkins: No. [denoting the vehicle] Charlie Hawkins: *This* is the cab. [denoting himself] Charlie Hawkins: I'm the driver. [denoting Pintpot] Charlie Hawkins: He's a learner. [denotes the expectant father] Charlie Hawkins: And you're a twit, but get out of the way. [after Charlie gives her a fur coat] Peggy Hawkins: Oh, Charlie! Oh, it's lovely! Charlie Hawkins: I'll say it is. Genuine mammoth, that is. Peggy Hawkins: Oh, don't be silly, Charlie. Charlie Hawkins: Straight up, it said so on the shop window: "Mammoth fur sale."


Carry on Cabby

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