This is the tale of industrial strife at WC Boggs' Lavatory factory. Vic Spanner is the union representative who calls a strike at the drop ...更多>



[Sid and Beattie Plummer are discussing the mating habits of budgerigars] Beattie: Well, we know Joey's a he-bird... Sid: Cock. Beattie: He is! The man in the pet shop said so! [W.C. Boggs on fortune tellers... ] W.C.: Fakes, that's all they are, sitting there staring in their crystal whatsitsnames. Sid: Balls. W.C.: I quite agree! [waving a dinner knife] Agatha Spanner: This is a respectable and refined neighbourhood AND DON'T YOU BLOODY FORGET IT. Vic Spanner: How can I, when you keep reminding me of it so nicely. [disguised as a fortune teller Sid is prognosticating on W. C. Boggs and Miss Withering's future] Sid: I see a marriage and one, two, three... fourteen children! [Vic walks out on his job at Boggs and is leaving the forecourt] Girl: Excuse me but they sent me from the exchange. I'm the new canteen girl. Can you tell me where I go? Vic Spanner: Oh Yes. I was just going in myself, I'll show you where it is. Yes, we've got a lovely pair of canteens here and a nice load of people. Bunny Waitress: [Bunny Waitress leaning over Lewis] Yes? Lewis Boggs: [Trying to order more drinks] I'd like another couple of those please. [Myrtle is not impressed] Lewis Boggs: I mean, these, please. Myrtle Plummer: If I was you I would have stuck to your first request! Chloe Moore: Fred do you really think I would I'd want to play around with anyone else about when I got a smashing bloke like you to play around with? Fred Moore: I know women, when there's no prime beef handy they'll do with any old scrag end. Chloe Moore: Well then you want to make sure there's plenty of prime beef when they need it, don't you? Agatha Spanner: [in reference to the Motorbike revving noise] Stop that row and get that thing out of here! Go on you great big lump! Mrs. Spragg: Quite right Mrs Spanner it's a disgrace it is!


Agatha Spanner


: You mind your own bloody business. [Miss Withering tests out Mr Boggs' new toilet seat] W.C.: Well Miss Withering, how does it feel, comfortable? Hortence Withering: Yes I think so Mr Boggs. W.C.: Good, good. Comfort before beauty, that's what I always say. Sid: It a bit big in the bowl, ain't it? Charles Coote: It is only 2 centrementres more than our last model and I'm sure we shan't fall out over that. Sid: Its falling in I'm worried about! W.C.: No, no! I live your overall design Mr Coote. Charles Coote: Oh thank you Sir. Hortence Withering: May I get off now please? W.C.: Yes of course Mrs Withering, and thank you you have been most patient. Sid: Yes like Jove on a monument, and what a monument! W.C.: Yes, we must make sure that the catch is strong enough to support the seat. Sid: Do you mind if I try it? W.C.: No, go ahead. [Sid gets out his paper and starts moving around from side to side on the new toilet] Sid: Yes I don't think I could stand it for more than half an hour. Charles Coote: It was hardly designed for a reading room! Sid: Ere... Look at this very slender this pedestle... Isn't it? Charles Coote: It's streamlined! Sid: What for, wind resistance? Charles Coote: In any case the thickness has nothing to do whatsoever with the tensile strength. W.C.: I hope your right Mr Coote. I have had bitter experience of what happens when one of these collapses, or rather my poor wife had, God rest her soul. Sid: How about some food? Beattie: Well I could make you some Beans on toast or something? Sid: No, nothing to elaborate thank you. Chloe Moore: Old tinder bottom's off again, nothing bloomin' strike I suppose. Maud: Oh no, what's it for? Chloe Moore: You know our Vic, he never has known what it's for! Vic Spanner: [there is anger at the loss of the tea round] It's another a little prodd at the very vitals of your personal freedom. Chloe Moore: I never noticed anyone prodding at my vitals! Ernie: Good for you Chloe. Willie: Anytime for you Chloe! Lewis Boggs: You may not understand exactly what it means, but since I have been working in this factory I have been making a time and motion study. Chloe Moore: Oh I know what it means Mr Lewis and if you've got the time I've certainly got the motion. Lewis Boggs:


Don't think I haven't noticed it Mrs Moore, especially in your main production department.




导演: 吴京

演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



导演: 叶伟信

演员: 甄子丹吴樾

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