Eye Creatures land on earth. The U.S. Air Force spies on some teens making out in the woods, then tries to prevent word of the Eye Creatures...更多>



[two radar men spy kids necking in the woods] Culver: Ain't science wonderful?


[two Army men peep in on a couple necking in car using an infrared scanner]


Culver: Oh, I truly admire science. Lt. Robertson: All right, Sergeant, what's up? Sergeant: Nothing sir. Just testing the infrared equipment. Lt. Robertson: That means you were playing peeping tom again, right? Culver: Right, sir. Lt. Robertson: Culver, how many times have you been busted for pulling shenanigans just like that? Culver: You mean this year, sir? Lt. Robertson: Altogether! Culver: Three times, sir. Lt. Robertson: We're here for a reason. A reason important to the national security and [shouts] Lt. Robertson: don't ever forget it! Culver: No, sir. Sergeant: No, sir. Lt. Robertson: We're here to watch the skies and not the skylines. Culver: Right, sir! Sergeant: Are you ever so right, sir! Lt. Robertson: Bad things are going on up there, right? Culver: Uh, right. Sergeant: Right. What kind of things, sir? Lt. Robertson: Never you mind. You're here to watch the sky and not the skyline. RIGHT? Culver: Oh, boy, are you ever right, sir! Sergeant: Right, sir! Lt. Robertson: Now that that's established, let's take a look and see how the infrared scanner is working. [the Lieutenant takes a seat and joins in on the peeping] Carl Fenton: I'm loaded for action tonight. I'll take a drive and see what I can pick up. Mike: Fat chance. Remember, the car's half mine, so drive careful with it. Carl Fenton: Your half is the front seat. I won't be using your half much tonight. Stan: Susan's got a lot of the right things to put in the right places, and she's all mine. Old Man Bailey: Another carload of those blasted smoochers on my property! I'll get the law after 'em. Susan: Opening strange doors isn't a thing for a good clean-living American girl to do! Stan: You're very lucky to have a guy like me. Susan: I expected to be frightened on my wedding night, but nothing like this!


The Eye Creatures

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